Hari Raj
Hari Raj
Hong Kong
Deputy chief production editor, Asia
Hari Raj has worked as a journalist and editor in Melbourne, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, where he is currently based.

The Australian prime minister’s refusal to join the countries that have committed to net zero emissions comes as little surprise, given his record on climate issues.

Besides scaremongering over ‘disease-bearing’ foreigners, the country’s penchant for border restrictions means many Australians will continue to be hesitant or apathetic about getting vaccinated.


Thousands of migrant workers from nations such as India and Sri Lanka have died building infrastructure for the football tournament hosted by Qatar. Can we in good conscience enjoy a spectacle played in stadiums that have cost people their lives?

Canberra-Beijing tensions are good for Hong Kong ex-lawmaker Ted Hui – but asylum seekers are still languishing. This has gone on more than long enough. Let them in. Let them all in.


They care for our sick, deliver our food and take our rubbish away, but applauding these workers is not enough – it’s high time we valued them, too.

For some, the report will be hard to reconcile with the deification of the military and the Anzac spirit that’s so intertwined with Australia’s national identity.

Vast swathes of the country are on fire and emergency leaders have warned of further catastrophic extreme weather events, but Scott Morrison’s administration is too busy tinkering with religious discrimination legislation to countenance action on climate change.


Yogyakarta is a city of contradictions, from its ancient temples and functioning monarchy to its reputation as a centre of learning. With a new airport and marketing push, Indonesia is hoping it will attract more Chinese tourists, despite fears of lingering anti-China sentiment and gentrification.

Upheaval over Beijing-financed projects has not affected bilateral trade, says deputy minister of international trade and industry Dr Ong Kian Ming, who prefers to see economic ties in terms of record-high trade volumes between the two countries.

Australia’s national day marks the arrival of colonisers who arrived centuries ago – but while January 26 remains a day of great pain to the Indigenous community, conservatives are opposed to change

Here are some clues: the PM brags about blocking refugees while the senate mulls whether it’s ‘okay to be white’. Still wondering? A penchant for blackface and talk of a ‘final solution’ might give the answer away