Jacintha Stephens

Cancer estimated to be responsible for one in six deaths, and the second leading cause of death globally. Here are the main points from Singapore’s War on Cancer Asia conference.

With amazing views, invigorating walks, unspoilt beech forests and pristine shrines, it’s easy to see why Mt Daisen is considered Japan’s third most magnificent summit.

Cruise customers in Asia – who mostly come from China now – are increasingly looking for massages and fitness classes with their sea view, and operators have responded by offering spas, on-board yoga and novel wellness packages

It’s estimated that one in eight Singaporeans have diabetes, compared to one in 10 Hongkongers, and experts say those numbers will continue to rise; Lion City focuses on prevention, starting in childhood


Foreigners are no longer allowed to join the rally after the Singapore government amended its public order laws. Here’s our list of bars and clubs that are still welcoming people regardless of sexual orientation

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