Jennifer Kishan

Can technology right history’s wrongs? An exhibition in Dubai uses 3D printing and digital scans to bring to life lost or stolen artefacts, but highlights the problematic infatuation with technology to preserve sites and artefacts that have been lost.

When Magnum associate photographer Sohrab Hura was invited on a road trip in the southern US, he remembered his merchant seaman father visiting there but being unable to land. His gritty black-and-white photos are bleak and powerful.

No phones, no internet, no flights out, her city a prison – Sumona Chakravarty’s Instagram sketches visualise how Kolkata would look if communications shutdown that was imposed in Kashmir happened there.

They chat in fluent Bengali, but the players around a mahjong table in Tiretta Bazaar, one of two Chinatowns in Kolkata, India, are ethnically Chinese – remnants of a vanishing diaspora who gather in clubs for kinship.