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  • Kasper Forest’s new show celebrates personalities from the fringes of society in Taiwan’s capital, from drag artists to indigenous ethnic groups and ex-spies
  • Each photo was shot in a location with special meaning to the subject, providing Forest with an after-dark tour of Taipei through their eyes

Families and individuals in China sank their life savings into homes that were never finished. Many feel forced to move in despite having no electricity or running water. Photographer Weimin Chu recorded their lives.

From Xie Yin’s dance performance Womanhood to photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani’s A Mother’s Day Exhibition and Gisèle Tchitchiama’s Luminaria, three Hong Kong events celebrating women and motherhood.


A mix of music, art and culture, Chungking Express Market, a pop-up event in the estate in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, is a tribute to Wong Kar-wai’s film. There will be 30-plus vendors and open-deck DJ sessions.

Starting April 28, the 2023 edition of Tai Kwun’s Booked: Hong Kong Art Book Fair will feature 96 exhibitors highlighting publishing as an artistic practice, as well as special displays.

Samsung phones use AI to artificially enhance photos, while Midjourney and DALL-E 2 create realistic images from text instructions. But don’t write off photography just yet, experts say.

A growing crop of underwater photographers are bringing to light issues relating to marine behaviour and conservation, spending years learning to dive and perfect their photography.

German documentary photographer charted enormous social changes in the first half of the last century. 60 of his 10,700 portraits are on show at f22 foto space in The Peninsula Hong Kong.

Photos of Seoul captured by South Korean documentarians give new life to the city’s old neighbourhoods that were razed and disappeared into history over the last 40 years.

A show featuring the weird and wonderful wigs of Japanese artist Tomihiro Kono, who has collaborated with the likes of Grimes and Bjork, has opened in Hong Kong’s Current Plans gallery.

Shot in Hong Kong and Shanghai, visual artist Kim Jee-yun’s portraits of mixed-race children and their mothers in her photo exhibition m<other> explore physical difference and teen identity.

In 2005, Grace Lau photographed ‘exotic 21st century types’ in a UK studio decked in antique Chinese furniture – a comment on 19th century portraits taken in China. Now she’s revisiting the idea.

Lianzhou Foto was halted by the pandemic but cracks had begun to show years earlier, with authorities removing exhibits in an atmosphere of ever-tighter restrictions on self-expression.

Rendered in painterly shades of grey, Japanese photographer Takeshi Shikama’s images, taken using a large-format camera, remind the viewer of 19th century landscapes.

Alice Neel was known for painting women, but her ‘Men from the Sixties’ series is an exception. Diane Arbus’ portraits helped elevate photography to fine art.

Two sister exhibitions launched this week as warm-up acts for 2023’s Gay Games Hong Kong, one of photos from previous Gay Games and the other celebrating LGBTQ artists.

Healing Hands, an exhibition that focuses on Hong Kong women artists at work and the healing power of art, features 10 black-and-white images alongside art they’ve created.

Chinese photographer Chen Ronghui has won numerous plaudits, awards and fans by training his lens on industrial and offbeat scenes in China, and never shying away from challenges.

Photographer Natacha de Mahieu’s new series of images taken at some of the world’s most popular Instagram spots highlights how people can ignore the very landscape they are so keen to snap.

US photographer William Klein, who has been credited with revolutionising street and fashion photography, died in Paris on September 10 aged 96. A new exhibition in Hong Kong highlights his work in fashion.

‘Thirty-six Views of Lion Rock’, an exhibition by French photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze, comprises images of the peak in Kowloon that show it as a backdrop to Hong Kong life.

Photographer Palani Mohan’s haunting images capture the mood of the Star Ferry that plies Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour as the historic service’s future hangs in the balance.

Mainland China’s most prominent contemporary photography critic tells Thomas Bird about growing up in Beijing during the Cultural Revolution and coming of age in the reform era.

‘Island(ed)’, a new exhibition at Central’s WMA Space that takes in Hong Kong’s myriad outlying islands, is a show of photography and video that focuses on the idea of being isolated.

Saying a tearful goodbye to their children is a fact of life for many Hong Kong domestic helpers. Now they are being asked to submit photos that represent their sacrifice for an exhibition in the city called 49.

Frankie Adamson, the photographer behind Hounds of Hong Kong, reveals the touching reason behind the creation of the pet portrait service and how she keeps dogs calm during a shoot.