Jo Baker

The home’s modern interior makeover blends nature and art to create a calming space for reflection and connection, a design perfect for its artwork-loving occupants.

Built to resemble a giant audio speaker, YG Entertainment’s futuristic headquarters balances a need for privacy with a desire for visibility, the co-founder of Dutch architects UNStudio explains.

The British writer and expert on train travel talks about the lure of life on the rails and an Indian trip that ended at the altar.


Simple but not ordinary, different but not weird - that's what makes a product long-lasting, says designer, who co-founded Hay with his wife, Mette, and is inspired by 1950s and '60s designs.

Winnie Ling and Scott Findley love the vibrancy and convenience of Wan Chai, but needed to feel relaxed at home in their 670 square foot walk-up flat.

Rebellious, but disciplined: these are the qualities Putman feels she took from her upbringing among the intelligentsia of Paris' Left Bank.

Dubbed the most influential philosopher alive, Peter Singer is loved and loathed for his controversial views. Now he wants us to give away a lot of our money. 

The widow of Dutch photographer Hubert van Es tells Jo Baker about her husband's iconic picture from the fall of Saigon and the peaks and troughs of living in a war zone.

On a whistle-stop tour of Silicon Valley, some of Hong Kong's most promising young entrepreneurs learn the risks and rewards of chasing their start-up dream. Words and pictures by Jo Baker.

The anti-terrorism expert tells Jo Baker about attending school with a future Bali bomber and helping jihadists to reform.

The founder of an Ayurveda retreat in India talks to Jo Baker about using the ancient practice to nourish both body and soul.

The heady fragrance of agarwood gave Hong Kong its name, but it has become so valuable its source is under threat. As Jo Baker discovers, though, there are those for whom the incense tree is worth more than money.

Later this year, Hong Kong will come under the microscope of a UN committee reviewing the city's compliance with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (Cedaw). While Hong Kong is ahead of many other societies in protecting the human rights of women, big gaps remain, and The Women's Foundation has submitted a "shadow report" to inform the committee's analysis.

The Chinese-language telecoms pioneer tells Jo Baker about his passion for collecting - and sharing -treasures.

While many in and outside Myanmar question the quality of the democratic space being opened by the government after decades of military rule, a surge of new ideas is being allowed in the public sphere. And among the beneficiaries, finally, are women.

Heavy hitters meeting at a Thai eco-resort seek to avert environmental catastrophe by targeting and changing the mindsets of the world's most powerful people and companies, writes Jo Baker.

Staging Hong Kong's biggest annual music and arts festival is no walk in the park. Jo Baker meets a team of dedicated, determined and quite possibly exhausted organisers ahead of this year's event.

A versatile penthouse apartment suits the work and social needs of a couple from two very different backgrounds.

Abu Bakker Qassim - allegedly tortured in China, then wrongly incarcerated in Guantanamo - is finding a semblance of peace in the Balkan nation of Albania.

Forty years after his death, two of Bruce Lee's siblings reminisce about their famous brother's life and a legacy that is inspiring a whole new generation of fighters. Jo Baker reports.

The graphic designer and branding guru talks to Jo Baker about the importance of culture and capturing the spirit of Hong Kong.