Luisa Tam
Luisa Tam
Hong Kong
People & Society Editor
Luisa Tam has been a journalist for more than 30 years. She has held a variety of roles during her career, including working as a producer for NDR German TV, a media campaigner with Greenpeace, and as the deputy managing editor of Eastern Express. She previously worked at the Post from 1988 to 1990, before rejoining in her current role in 2015.

Donnie Yen’s stand-out appearance in John Wick: Chapter 4 is an excellent opportunity to raise Hong Kong’s global prominence, and the city’s government must step up to take it.

Forget ‘Hello Hong Kong’, we risk being labelled ‘Heartless Hong Kong’ after the recent street hawker case, which really isn’t fair to our mostly hospitable and welcoming people.


From the ‘Hello Hong Kong’ campaign’s free air tickets to the need to ‘grab’ talent from elsewhere, Hong Kong seems desperate – and that’s ugly. We must focus on why we are unique.

The city needs someone to identify what is unique about the Hong Kong experience and spread that message to visitors through genuine interactions. And I’ve got some ideas for them.

A spike in eateries selling two-dish-rice boxes is reminiscent of the 1950s when open-air food stalls helped Hong Kong’s poor survive. Are we witnessing a return to widespread poverty?

Fans of the Samurai Blue have been filling rubbish bags with theirs and others’ trash after World Cup matches in Qatar. Hong Kong people could learn from them.


The group, who had to eat meal boxes for three days of a four-day trip and still described it as ‘very good’, should be showered with free air tickets and future hotel accommodation.

The two-dish-rice box, beloved by Hong Kong residents and, lately, diplomats alike, is an icon of the city – it should be declared part of our intangible cultural heritage.

The fight for tourist dollars is heating up as people embark on post-Covid travel, and while Hong Kong is a more exciting destination than Singapore, it isn’t as welcoming. It’s time for residents to make a change.

Hong Kong is being stripped of its distinctive culture and character as more iconic local restaurants and dai pai dongs shut down. The government needs to do more to help them.

The ease with which victims of Hong Kong’s human-trafficking scandal – the ‘sold piglets’, a term that dates back to the Qing dynasty – were conned hints at a city in turmoil.

Kim Kardashian’s ex Kanye West’s bullying of Pete Davidson has reportedly sent the comedian into therapy – an expert has tips on how you can deal with a jealous ex to avoid a similar situation.

Your Hungry Ghost Festival survival guide: picking up an unclaimed umbrella, standing under a bus shelter at night and tapping someone on the shoulder are among the many things to avoid from now till August 26.

The 2022 wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, 18 years after they broke up, gives us all hope about reuniting with ‘the one that got away’. A relationship expert gives some advice.

Elon Musk has nine children with three women as part of his bid to rescue our planet from an impending ‘population collapse’. How do women choose their reproductive partners aside from by their wealth?

Hong Kong people should retake ownership of the phrase ‘Hong Kong, add oil’ – after years of Covid-19 and economic downturn, the city needs to add oil as well as peace and love.

For many, their phone is the last thing they touch at night and the first thing they look at in the morning. Here’s some expert advice on how to stop your phone ruining relationships.

It’s time to break the ‘shoebox curse’ and give Hong Kong people proper housing. They can no longer be fooled; no matter whether it’s in a middle-class or working-class area, a ‘shoebox flat’ is not decent housing.

American comedian Pete Davidson has dated a string of beautiful, famous women that most would consider out of his league. An expert explains the science behind how he does it.

Excluding foreign domestic workers from the extended consumption voucher scheme is not only heartless but hurts Hong Kong’s image. A city with a good soul should care about the most deserving and vulnerable.

The Hollywood couple provide a perfect example of what ‘mutual abuse’ in a romantic relationship can look like, says a relationship coach. She offers tips for figuring out if your own relationship is toxic.

Why are Hong Kong housewives and aunties so obsessed with handsome local butcher Samuel Lau? Maybe it’s because Hongkongers are desperate to feel more ‘local’ to reinforce their identity.