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Latest news and updates on Chinese culture including the country’s traditions, food, values, history and festivals.


Macau-born businesswoman and philanthropist who was casino magnate Stanley Ho’s third wife launches a Cantonese opera troupe in Hong Kong and a centre to research the art form, hoping to widen its appeal.

Focus on history and culture underlines leadership’s concerns about risks to political stability amid narrative war with the US-led West, analysts say.


Taking a modern approach to traditional garments like the cheongsam, Sau Lee has quickly cemented its status as one of fashion’s hottest labels – we chat to founder and creative director Cheryl Leung

Chinese embrace Japanese culture selectively and see anime, comics and games favourably despite downturns in the nations’ relationship, says academic.


‘As a young mixed British-Chinese, it makes me so proud to share and celebrate Chinese culture on the streets of London,’ said Guo Toto, a British-Chinese model.


Yat Pit’s unique takes on local culture and Chinese heritage are making it one of Hong Kong’s most refreshing indie brands, and its latest collection was shown at Paris Fashion Week.

An official says ties with Beijing are driven by the country’s own interests, and interpreting Singapore-China relations from the perspective of a shared culture may lead to a ‘skewed view or misunderstandings’.

Miranda Yiu’s exhibition at Hong Kong’s Yrellag Gallery uses Chinese-ink-style techniques to express the flowing lines of female nudes, contrasted with blank spaces to depict allure and femininity.

The Hong Kong Palace Museum’s new ‘Cartier and Women’ exhibition includes pieces that show the impact of Chinese arts and culture on women’s fashion and the brand over its 176-year history.

Zoey Gong, a TCM food therapist and registered dietitian, talks about why she cooks using TCM principles – as documented in her new cookbook “The Five Elements” – and how it changed her life.

An emperor’s cruel deed, and repentance, are said to lie behind the customs followed on the spring tomb-sweeping day in the Chinese calendar, when families make offerings to ancestors and go on outings.

Matthew Wong’s painting River at Dusk sold for US$4.9 million in December 2020, nearly four times its estimate, while Stephen Wong, Wucius Wong and Luis Chan all made six-figure sums

With her husband, Guy Ullens, Belgian Myriam Ullens founded the Beijing’s UCCA contemporary art centre and championed the work of a generation of Chinese artists.

China’s performing arts industry is showing signs of recovery after a massive wave of coronavirus outbreaks rattled the country late last year, while Beijing this week dropped curbs on visits by foreign performers.


Christie’s just announced the record sale of a Patek Philippe ‘Sky Moon Tourbillon’ watch, which sold for US$5.8 million at auction in Hong Kong – here’s what you need to know

A short trip from Hong Kong, the mainland just reopened its borders to tourists and offers luxurious sojourns from Beijing’s Xitan Hotel to Yunnan’s Aman Resort and Anhui’s Sunyata Wenyutang

Forget the futuristic title “The Stage Door on Mars” given this production – it was very much a tribute to the present-day vibrancy of Cantonese opera and music.

By incorporating traditional Chinese features into her bold, feminine collections, Kim Shui says she challenges Western society’s ‘narrow perceptions of what it means to be Chinese’.