Maisy Mok

There were as many as nine lesbian bars in Hong Kong in the early 2000s, but that number has dropped to two; the city’s increasing tolerance of LGBT people means more lesbians feel they can hang out at ordinary bars.

Sammo Hung has worked with the likes of Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan in a prolific career spanning 200 films and TV shows. In honour of his birthday today, we look at his five best movie fight scenes.


Top Google searches in Hong Kong this year included internet forum LIHKG, politician Junius Ho, scandal-hit actress Jacqueline Wong, Chinese historical drama The Legend of Haolan and Marvel supervillian Thanos.

A survey of single people from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand found who were most open to dating foreigners, as well as those younger or older than them, who earned more and were more highly educated.