Pablo Robles
Pablo Robles
Pablo Robles is a senior infographic designer with a background in architecture and photojournalism. He builds interactive graphics, visual storytelling and data visualisation for the Post.

Curated by SCMP's infographics team, the collection covers interactive charts and images of the coronavirus' cases, symptoms, preventive measures and economic stimulus packages.

Many countries use their own criteria to count the number of Covid-19 cases, but more than 3 million people have been officially confirmed to have been infected, with more than 150,000 fatalities.


Europe failed to learn from China how rapidly coronavirus spreads and is now struggling to cope with surging Covid-19 infections

After its discovery last December, in Wuhan, China, the virus started to spread around the world, causing panic. The Antarctic is, as yet, the only continent where there are no confirmed cases. 

Despite China’s best efforts the coronavirus outbreak has spread rapidly around the world. Many cities in Hubei province remain in lockdown and an increasing number of international flights to China have been suspended.

The Australian bush fires have had a devastating impact globally: spreading plumes of carbon, destroying parks and forests, burning down homes and killing people and animals. 

Brush up on a year of protests, US-China trade war, Brexit and more with SCMP’s award-winning infographics team.

The Hong Kong protests have roiled the city since June. Explore the history behind what happened this collection of timelines, graphics and visual stories

The streets of Hong Kong have been racked by violence and destruction since the anti-government movement sprung into life in June.

Hongkongers have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the extradition bill in huge numbers. The protesters and the government are in no mood to compromise and police have found themselves thrust into the front line  

Unprecedented scenes of violence broke out at the Hong Kong International Airport after thousands of anti-government protesters occupying the airport terminal building brought flights to a halt for two days straight. This is how the events unfolded

There are 17 rare earth elements in the periodic table which, contrary to their name, are as abundant in the Earth’s crust as tin or lead.

There are 17 rare earth elements listed in the periodic table which, contrary to their name, are as abundant in the Earth’s crust as tin or lead. However, rare earths are always fused with other minerals which makes many countries reluctant to invest in rare earth mines because they are too expensive and polluting to extract and refine in commercially viable quantities

The “Belt and Road Initiative” was announced by the Chinese government in 2013 as a global trade strategy based on the ancient Silk Road trading route.

It took less than a week for Boeing’s 737 MAX to be grounded following its second accident in five months. 

As North America freezes through a polar vortex, and Australia sweats out an extreme heatwave, there is growing consensus it could be game over for Planet Earth if we do not pay attention to the world’s permafrost

Most of us hunch over our smartphone for at least two hours a day. This can effectively increase the weight of your head by up to 27kg, damage your posture, and if you text while walking, expose you to all kinds of accidents