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The Hong Kong protests began in 2019 in opposition to a proposed extradition law that would have allowed the transfer of fugitives to mainland China, among other jurisdictions. The demonstrations escalated into a much wider and prolonged anti-government movement that resulted in increasingly violent clashes between protesters and police across the city. The social unrest continues to simmer amid the coronavirus pandemic that has shut down parts of the city.

  • Philip Dykes says his side was ‘fatally handicapped’ while defending the accused because investigators had withheld evidence
  • Ex-vice-chairwoman Chow Hang-tung and two former standing committee members were each sentenced to 4½ months behind bars earlier

Tsang Chi-kin, 22, who was jailed in October for nearly four years, appeared on a national security show and recounted his experience during the 2019 protests.

High Court panel of judges find insufficient evidence to back up complaints against Magistrate Cheang Kei-hong over detention centre order for then-student in 2020.


Readers discuss the importance of seeing both sides for conflict resolution, striking a balance between development and wildlife protection, investors’ expectations, and the optimal temperature in MTR train cabins.

Ethics College in Pak Sha Wan Correctional Institution in Stanley will allow 60 male inmates to study for an applied education diploma, with 15 women joining remotely.

While many are struggling to find same type of jobs and social circle they previously enjoyed, they say their lives have changed in ways too important to give up.


Liu Guangyuan, deputy director of central government’s liaison office, says national security law’s implementation has improved business environment.

Government says Catholic leaders’ petition calling for release of Jimmy Lai is ‘misleading and slanderous’ and accused the clerics of undermining rule of law.

Soft resistance in many forms can also be linked to foreign agents, Secretary for Security Chris Tang says, ahead of new law to be drafted and completed by 2024.


Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office condemns US bipartisan proposal to sanction city officials and says such actions will inspire greater unity among society.

What food is ‘from Hong Kong’? Is it momos and dosa as well as siu mei? Chefs reflect the city’s shifting identity by reinterpreting classic dishes and cooking innovatively using local ingredients.

Prosecution of Mika Yuen led to questions as to whether sedition law applicable to acts done overseas, as only two of 13 offensive posts published while she was in city.

Government spokesman says US politicians should stop acting against international law and interfering in Hong Kong issues, which are China’s internal affairs.

Quartet pleaded guilty to inciting violence by passing resolution at student union council meeting in 2021 lauding ‘honourable sacrifice’ of man who stabbed constable.

West Kowloon Court hears Mika Yuen violated colonial-era sedition law by posting images of offensive banners and adding captions advocating city’s independence.