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Company agrees to stop drug sale
Kin-long seeks Australian donor
Doctor appeals medical body's indecent verdict
Inquest into drowning at private pool
Drink law to tighten leash on drivers
Let us bring up Ha in US, say relatives to UN
Anti-radiation pills issued in case of Daya Bay alert
Promotion for Cathay Pacific strike figurehead
Gangsters use eccentric epithets in bid to elude investigators
Workman on gondola killed in explosion
Police busy as crooks 'insure' against 1997
Orphan's future hinging on outcome of search for siblings in Vietnam
Chek Lap Kok workmen slip across border to sex island
Bungled sex-change operation highlights lack of regulation
$7m in luxury cars recovered in raids
Island villagers sow airport 'cash crop'
Task force becomes a victim of its own success
Nun given work pledge after theft nightmare
Parents slam door on 'spy' service
Smuggled orchids pose a rare disposal problem
Lone hope against forced repatriation
Surgery leaves HK women guessing
Daya Bay safety plan incomplete
Police set code to deal with abuse
Reverend favours a simple tale of Easter
Telephone scanners target of law review
Inquest on death of baby to begin
Hospital baby care units hit by shortages
Haiphong lures HK industries
10 Apr 1994 - 12:00AM
Haiphong lures HK industries