McDonald's is the world's largest fast food restaurant chain. It was founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald, who pioneered the idea of operating a hamburger business using production line principles.

  • KeeTa, part of mainland China food delivery giant Meituan, launches in Hong Kong on Monday with ambitions to cover entire city by year-end
  • The newcomer will take on established players Foodpanda, with 70 per cent of the market, and Deliveroo on 30 per cent, but insists there is room for one more

A second jury will decide how much compensation is owed after Philana Holmes’s daughter was injured by a piece of food that fell on her lap at the drive-through.


The billionaire investor swore off Japanese food for life after a disastrous sushi dinner in 1989. Even at 92, he’d much rather be eating McDonald’s, Hershey’s Kisses and Coke.

Fake-meat pioneers Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods wanted to finish the global meat industry, but what hooked investors and looked like a game-changer now appears to have been little more than a fad.

Gourmet fish burgers are having a moment in Hong Kong. And let’s not forget the original, McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish – Hong Kong diners ate 22 million of them last year.

In late May, Starbucks said it would exit Russia after nearly 15 years. The Seattle-based company had 130 stores in Russia with nearly 2,000 employees in the country.


The US burger chain will resume trading in ‘some restaurants in Kyiv and Western Ukraine, where other businesses have safely reopened’ a senior executive said.

Some outlets under the new ‘Vkusno i tochka’ branding have taken fries and wedges off the menu due to a poor potato harvest and supply chain issues.

Nike is making a full exit from Russia three months after suspending its operations there, as the pace of Western companies leaving the country accelerates.

‘The humanitarian crisis caused by war in Ukraine … [means] business in Russia is no longer tenable, nor consistent with [our] values’, McDonald’s said; In March it closed all of its 850 restaurants in the country.

Restaurant operators are switching to smaller outlets amid a difficult operating environment, with some of the more resilient ones focusing on takeaway.


As the fast food giant halts the sale of medium and large fries, citing supply chain issues, fans spot a loophole: just buy more small ones. Cynics wonder if that was the point all along.


From McDonald’s and Shake Shack to Frites and The Butchers Club, we hunted for the crispiest, fluffiest and outright tastiest French fries the city has to offer.

The collaboration between McDonald’s and the K-pop superstars, which launched in stores across Hong Kong on June 3, is popular with the band’s fans.


The world’s second-largest private-equity firm has bet US$2 billion on China’s fast-evolving consumer market. It sees a host of exit opportunities this year, via IPOs and mergers and acquisitions.


K-pop superstars BTS have teamed up with McDonald’s for its ‘Famous Orders’ programme, the latest in a slew of collaborations with brands including Korean beer Kloud and Samsung.


While the fast-food chain has said it only offers bags to customers upon request for any purchase of a drink in non-airtight packaging, handing out these bags is environmentally damaging. The government and Consumer Council must learn from successful campaigns elsewhere to bring about change.