Sarah Lazarus
Sarah Lazarus

Sought after on the black market for their casques, a protusion on male birds’ beaks of keratin – from which rhino horns are also formed – strange-looking bird native to Southeast Asia is close to extinction

At last month’s Thomson Reuters Anti-Slavery Summit the audience was spellbound by the stories, and images, of humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine. Sarah Lazarus spoke to her about her work

Abandoned by her father, Chan Yuk Ling had it tough as a child in the New Territories. But she followed him to the Big Apple, opened her first spa in 1984 and today has stars from Madonna to Mariah Carey as clients

The Bollywood choreographer, who’s staging a workshop in Hong Kong, had a happy but isolated childhood in a French village, but everything changed when he discovered dance and moved to India

Ahead of the Longines Masters’ equestrian extravaganza in Hong Kong, Post Magazine talks to the hippophiles who make it happen – from the organiser and showjumper to the groom and transporter

Sewage is the perfect breeding ground for antibiotic-resistant bacteria and in Hong Kong it is discharged into the sea. Better treatment could reduce problem, but is costly, expert says

With superbug resistant to world’s last-resort antibiotic recently found in China, the day when common illnesses and routine surgery become life threatening, and organ transplants impossible, draws ever closer

Hong Kong vet David Gething, who went from overweight smoker to whippet-thin winner of World Marathon Challenge, explains how he got hooked on running and why races are won mostly in the mind

Alexander Talbot Rice was caught with his trouser flies open by the Duke of Edinburgh, went on to paint the likes of Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher, and kept his head when he stumbled on Afghan militants

British priest led an Iraqi Christian congregation for 11 years until Islamic State's rise forced him to leave. He tells Sarah Lazarus about getting enemies talking, Saddam Hussein's palace and the life-changing treatment for his MS available only in Iraq.


Andrew Lauterstein won three medals at the Beijing Olympics, overtrained as he sought to save his swimming career, then discovered CrossFit and, as he tells Sarah Lazarus, learned to be good at several things rather than excelling at one

American researchers took a fly from Brazil whose larvae eat fire ants from the inside - one of a number of natural enemies they have evaluated to stop the spread of the ants now invading Hong Kong, writes Sarah Lazarus

Venomous ants from South America join the indestructible apple snail and river fish on a long list of foreign species to have made Hong Kong home, writes Sarah Lazarus. 

The sound recordist talks to Sarah Lazarus about an encounter with one of the great apes, how he chanced upon nature-film making, and 20 years spent recording sounds in the world's wild places

Fossil expert will invite audience at debut popular-science lecture to pick over his Gobi Desert search kit, writes Sarah Lazarus.

As preparations are made to sequence its genome, Sarah Lazarus goes in search of all there is to know about Hong Kong's Bauhinia blakeana.

'Ben Goertzel talks to Sarah Lazarus about thinking machines and his quest for immortality. "Ultimately, we want to port our minds out of our bodies, by implanting a device in the brain that backs up to a server...  you could 3D print a new body and restore the mind from the server," the American says.