Shoaib Shafi

A Pakistani buffet restaurant in the Austrian capital Vienna that lets its customers decide what a meal is worth is still going strong after 17 years, proving a successful social experiment.

Aasad’s 5-year-old brother was beaten to death; Bibi fled her teaching work; Sahil got one of the last planes out of Kabul. Now they’re safe but haunted by what may happen to those they left behind.


Nobel Prize-winning author recuperated at the tiny Hotel Liward in Kashmir while writing his travelogue An Area of Darkness. He returned to the expanded and renamed hotel in 1989, the son of its owner recalls.


Bhat spent 23 years in prison after being falsely accused of terrorism – one of thousands from the region rights groups say have been jailed on suspicion and fabricated evidence.

Pashmina shawl weavers and artisans in Kashmir in India say they are being unlawfully replaced by machine looms and that government corporations are selling machine-made pashminas and passing them off as handmade.

Rekha is one of more than 5,000 women working on the notorious Garstin Bastion Road in India’s capital New Delhi. The sex workers have little chance of escape, and many were kidnapped and sold to brothel owners.