Simon Ng

The Equal Opportunities Commission has initiated a consultation exercise over the review of our discrimination law. A major area of consultation is in disability equality and rights.

Perhaps it matters little to most people, but from earlier this month, it has been possible to safely cross Salisbury Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, between The Peninsula hotel and the Space Museum, after the reopening of a pedestrian crossing.

The prominent Oxford scientist Richard Dawkins recently issued a controversial tweet advising a woman to "abort it and try again" if she was pregnant with a baby with Down's syndrome. He said "it would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice".

Judicial independence is at the core of the rule of law ideal. Judicial process can be viewed as a reasoning process based on rules, principles, norms, values and facts leading to an authoritative judgment.

As part of the government's three-month public consultation on Hong Kong's fuel mix for electricity generation, two options have been put forward for discussion.

The government invites people to talk to achieve a shared vision of universal suffrage. But to engage people to communicate meaningfully in a fragmented society suffering from deep identity and governability crises is a mission impossible.

When was the last time you walked along Des Voeux Road Central? Those of us who work in Central probably spend a fair share of our time there every working day, dodging people and obstacles on the crowded pavements.

The United Nations has designated April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day since 2008. This year, the UN secretary general called for more efforts in education, job opportunities and other measures.

Simone Weil, an influential French philosopher, once remarked: "He who knows the empire of might and how not to respect it is capable of love and justice." Might, according to Weil, turns a human being who is subjected to it into a thing.

Hong Kong needs rights-based law and policies of inclusive education. The chairwoman and rapporteur of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child were in town last week. They were invited by local NGO the Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights to meet the people and investigate the city, before they returned to Geneva to consider the government's report in September.

Because of the filthy, high-sulphur bunker fuel cruise ships are known to be burning, at locations virtually at the heart of the city and close to Hong Kong's population centres and commercial districts, environmental groups have been vocal in recent months about cruise ship emissions and the adverse impact on public health.