Hong Kong environmental issues
  • Forecaster issues new alert under ‘special weather tips’ to warn high-risk groups of health risks of extreme heat
  • Amber warning for outdoor workers also raised; Post check finds more supervisors were aware of the new system compared with two weeks ago

Hong Kong needs to build a battery-recycling facility as it faces the challenge of sustainably processing 6,000 tonnes of used batteries by 2026 amid a surge in electric vehicles, experts say.


Many animals released into the wild on Buddha’s Birthday will die because they cannot adapt to new environment, says Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation.

Spurred by financial incentives and a desire to help fight climate change, some restaurant and mall owners are sending leftovers to the government’s pilot processing and recovery centre in North Lantau, where it can be converted to biogas to generate power.


Readers discuss the potential impact of the automated toll system on car growth, how to improve road safety on Sai Sha Road, and the future of coal.

Readers discuss a compromise on the proposal to stop helpers breaking their contracts, the advantages of an anti-bullying law, and the opposition to the Fanling housing project.

China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand are responsible for more than half the plastic waste in the oceans. Banning single-use plastic would be a vital step towards reducing this.

Post readers discuss the environmental impact assessment of a housing plan on the Fanling golf course, and the need for context in a discussion of taxi complaints.