Sophie Kalkreuth

A couple’s minimalist Mid-Levels flat, which went from four bedrooms to just one, is a series of sculptural spaces that unfold and captivate at every turn.


Hong Kong interior designer Joyce Wang took reference from the railroads below New York’s Hudson Yards in her spa and club designs for the Equinox Hotel.

From a carbon-neutral booth to a sofa stuffed with leftover threads, designers at Design Miami presented sustainably created works with a message about the future of our fragile planet.

With warmer weather destroying coral reefs, scientists – who estimate that 90pc will be gone by 2050 – are fighting against time to breed and multiply them in labs, and ultimately return them to the ocean

Robert Simon describes how he found the Salvator Mundi at a small Louisana auction in 2005 and brought the Saviour back to life. The last Leonardo painting discovered was in 1909