Easy Chinese spring onion-ginger sauce
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Easy Chinese spring onion-ginger sauce


Susan says

This is a staple in my fridge. I make it in fairly large quantities so I'm not having to to mix it up every time I want it. It's normally served with soy sauce chicken or poached chicken, but it also goes deliciously with other types of meats, as well as noodles. It keeps in the fridge for at least two weeks.

You can make this with just spring onions, or add in some grated ginger. The best implement for grating ginger is a Japanese ceramic grater. It grates the ginger into a fine, juicy pulp.


200g (7oz)
spring onions (use 250g/9oz if omitting ginger)
50 grams (1¾oz)
finely grated ginger
20g (4¾tsp)
fine sea salt
125ml (½cup)
cooking oil

Mince the spring onions and put them in a bowl.


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Sprinkle the salt over the spring onions and mix thoroughly. The salt will wilt the spring onions.


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If using ginger, add it to the bowl and mix well.


Stir in the oil.


The sauce can be used immediately. For longer storage, put it into a sterlised jar and keep in the fridge.


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