Mango puree with sago and fresh fruit
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Mango puree with sago and fresh fruit


In Hong Kong, you'll find this sweet fruit soup sold everywhere from traditional dessert shops to five-star hotels. It's easy and refreshing. If you like, stir some condensed milk or evaporated milk into the mango puree, and you can also add other types of fruit such as watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew or kiwi.

Mangoes vary greatly in size; you'll need enough to yield 500g (18oz) of puree.

Sweeten the dessert to taste with sugar syrup. Any leftover syrup can be used to sweeten ice tea or ice coffee.

150g (¾ cup)
granulated sugar
ripe mangoes, as necessary
250ml (1 cup)
coconut milk
40g (1½oz)
small sago pearls
pomelo segments, membrane removed
medium-size strawberries
other fruit (melon, kiwi, or seedless grapes) cut into bite-size chunks
condensed milk or evaporated milk

Pour 150ml (⅔ cup) water into a saucepan and add the sugar. Place over a medium flame and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Bring to the boil then turn off the heat and cool the syrup to room temperature. Pour into a bottle and refrigerate until cold.


Bring a pan of water to the boil over a medium flame, then stir in the sago. Lower the flame and simmer until the sago is transparent. Immediately pour the sago through a fine sieve, then rinse with cold water and drain again. Put the sago in a bowl of ice water and set aside.


Slice through the mango, cutting along one side of the flat seed, then turn the fruit over and cut along the other side of the seed. Hold one of the mango "cheeks" against the cutting board and carefully cut the flesh into cubes. Use a spoon to scoop the mango flesh from the skin and put it into a blender or food processor. Cut off as much flesh as possible from the seed and put it in the blender or processor. You need 500g (18 oz) of mango flesh. If you have extra mango, cut it into bite-size chunks.


Add the coconut milk to the blender or food processor and puree the fruit until smooth.


Pour in some of the sugar syrup to sweeten the puree to taste. If the puree is too thick, mix some cold filtered water, or condensed or evaporated milk.


Remove the thick membranes from the pomelo segments and pull the flesh into very small pieces. Halve the strawberries.


Drain the sago through a fine sieve, then mix it with the mango puree. Stir in the pomelo pieces, then pour into four to eight individual bowls.


Add the mango chunks (if you have any) and any other fruit you like, then top each portion with half a strawberry.


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