Wonton noodles
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In Hong Kong and the Guangdong region of southern China, wonton noodles is one of the most popular go-to foods. Wonton noodles comprises thin egg noodles in a bowl of hot broth, topped with dumplings stuffed with fresh shrimp and pork.

This recipe is part of the Goldthread series "A Basic Chinese Dish" that teaches you how to cook classic, simple dishes from China that are so easy to make, they're like learning your ABCDs.

shallots, sliced
4tbsp (60ml)
cooking oil
250g (9oz)
wonton skins
350g (12oz)
egg noodles
For the pork
300g (10oz)
pork shoulder
a pinch of
a pinch of
a pinch of
ground pepper
ginger juice
a pinch of
chicken powder
shallots, diced
potato starch
beaten egg
dried flatfish powder
For the prawn
300g (10oz)
peeled prawns
a pinch of
ground pepper
Shaoxing wine
sesame oil
For the soup
400ml (1½ cups)
dried scallop and chicken broth
400ml (1½ cups)
dried flatfish powder

Slice the shallots thinly and fry them in 4tbsp of oil for 3-4 minutes on low-to-medium heat. Remove the shallots from the oil and drain on kitchen paper. Season the fried shallots with a pinch of salt.


Cut the pork into fine pieces, chopping the lean and fat parts separately.


Using your hands, mix the pork with the salt, sugar, ground pepper, ginger juice, chicken powder, diced shallots, potato starch, beaten egg, dried flatfish powder and shallot oil (reserve 4tsp for serving). Toss the filling around in the bowl to mix well together. Keep the filling in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes to firm up.


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Devein the prawns and cut them into small pieces. Marinate the prawns with ground pepper, Shaoxing wine, and sesame oil. Keep the prawns in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes before mixing with the pork.


Make the wontons by taking one piece of wonton skin and putting a spoonful of the pork and prawn filling at the centre of the skin. You can use as much filling as you want as long as the skin can hold it. Press both ends of the skin together and seal, using some water if the skin is too dry. Repeat with the remaining filling and wonton skins.


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Bring a large pot of water to the boil and add the wontons. Once the water returns to the boil, add a bowl of cold water to ensure the skin doesn't overcook and fall off. Cook over medium heat, until the wontons float to the surface.


Remove the wontons with a strainer and place in a bowl of cold water to cool down. Strain once cooled.


Cook the egg noodles in a pot of boiling water until they are al dente or done to your liking. Drain and place in a bowl of cold water to cool down. Strain once cooled.


Pour the dried scallop and chicken broth and water into a pan and bring to the boil. Add in dried flatfish powder.


Reheat the wonton and noodles in a separate pot of hot water.


Transfer the noodles and wonton into bowls. Pour the hot soup over, top with fried shallot slices, and one teaspoon of the reserved shallot oil per bowl, and the chopped scallions.


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