Big Sur’s California barbecue-inspired menu is a mix of hits and misses

The latest restaurant to open in bustling SoHo dining scene is part of Woolly Pig’s portfolio

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 10 April, 2018, 4:10pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 10 April, 2018, 4:10pm

One of SoHo’s latest additions is Big Sur, part of Woolly Pig’s portfolio. It features a California barbecue-inspired menu, a selection of craft beer and has a large alfresco dining area.

We liked the crafts beer menu, which is organised numerically from 1 to 15, from light to darker, hoppier beers in ascending order. I had the Munchy & Poshy (HK$80), which was fruity and easy to drink; my friend had lemongrass and ginger tea (HK$72).

Dinner was a mix of hits and misses. We started with hummus topped with vegetables and a soft-boiled egg, and a side of Japanese milk bread (HK$125). The hummus, while very good by Hong Kong standards, was very basic when judged by Californian ones. We were confused by the egg and bread; both were unnecessary.

The tacos (HK$50 each) were our favourites. We had one Baja shrimp taco and one barbecue pastrami taco. We preferred the Baja shrimp, which came with chorizo, for something light yet full of depth and flavour.

The marinated halibut (HK$190) was also a highlight - light, clean and well done. We also had the California burger with avocado and side of sweet potato fries (HK$170) which was a solid burger. The kale salad (HK$90) lacked flavour, but had interesting sweet honey-butter croutons.

We ended dinner with pies (HK$70 each): pumpkin cream cheese pie (quite tart and a bit sour), and pecan pie (very nutty) and topped with vanilla ice cream.