Chef May Chow, of Little Bao, was voted as Asia’s best female chef for 2017.

She is known for her unique twists on Asian plates such as bao’s, which resemble burgers. She is also the force behind Chinese gastropub Second Draft and neo-Chinese diner, Happy Paradise.

To me, Christmas means … family time. I work very hard every day and do not get to spend much time with family so I usually like to spend quality time with them - at home or travelling together. Of course, I am the one appointed to cook Christmas dinner. My family like to hang out with my restaurant crew as well, so we are one big family.

This Christmas, my wish list includes … travelling around the world, talking about food and life with friends, leaving my business alone and having a long vacation.

For my loved ones, I wish … We could have a “second life”. We always talk about having another page in life when we hit our 40s. It could be another lifestyle totally, other hobbies or even a different career, living in another city.

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My favourite Christmas memory is … Christmas in Canada. When I was little, we liked to decorate our Christmas tree and play in the snow with cousins. We liked snowboarding with five or six cousins. That was the best time.

My signature holiday dish is … Christmas turkey.

My New Year’s resolution is … There is no excuse to stop exploring my passion for hobbies, such as ceramics. I was too busy this year with work to be able to complete my ceramic classes. I wish I could have more time to devote to my hobbies and travel more.