Bali is arguably one of the hottest destinations in Southeast Asia – and for good reason.

It is an eclectic blend of East and West because of the high influx of tourists, and many people opt to dine at the hip new restaurants, sampling smoothie bowls, and dinner with cocktails.

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Yet Bali also has some local fare that you should try in warungs, or traditional restaurants:

Bebek bengil

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While searching for the name on Google will lead you to a restaurant in the town of Ubud, Bebek bengil actually means dirty duck.

It is a dish local to the island and a reference to its main ingredient: duck. The ducks live in rice paddies, hence they are dirty.

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Bebek bengil involves frying the duck to a delightful crispy stage and serving it with coconut rice.

Chicken sate

Bali’s version of chicken satay, sate is the local name for it and it resembles a small corn dog.

That’s because sate is made with mashed chicken meat mixed with local herbs, then a meatball size serving is put on a stick and grilled.

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It is often served alongside nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice), as part of nasi campur, or on its own with a dip of choice.

Gado gado

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A vegetarian dish that’s known as Indonesian salad, gado gado is a mix of vegetables with fried tofu, tempeh and potatoes.

There are no set ingredients for gado gado, but the Balinese version frequently features long beans, Bali spinach, and bean sprouts.

The dish is also served with a peanut sauce that is the soul of the dish.

Babi guling

Pork is the most popular type of meat in Bali and the suckling pig is a signature pork dish.

It is one of the few islands that serves it as most Indonesians are Muslims.

Babi guling is similar in appearance to the Chinese suckling pig, roasted whole on a spit.

It is commonly served with rice or lawar – vegetables and coconut – in slices, but if this proves too much, there are plenty of restaurants and warungs that serve pork ribs.

Nasi campur

While you can find nasi campur in many Southeast Asian countries, Bali’s version has its own twist. It’s essentially white rice accompanied by a few chosen side dishes. In Bali, they are typically spinach, tofu, tempeh, young jackfruit, sate, Balinese sausage or babi guling all served on a banana leaf.

In addition, various dips are also provided such as tomato, grated coconut, and chilli.

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