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  • Washington’s ally, seen as bulwark against Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific, is singled out after accusations of involvement in a killing and murder plot
  • Senator says he will introduce International Freedom Protection Act to address the ‘growing use of transnational oppression by autocratic and illiberal states’

For the past three days, aid distribution has been possible only in and around Rafah, on the border with Egypt, because of fighting and road closures by Israeli forces.

Some captives were given sedatives such as Rivotril, also known as Clonex, Hagar Mizrahi, head of general medicine at Israel’s health ministry, told lawmakers.


Russia has been accused of forcibly deporting thousands of Ukrainian children from schools, hospitals and orphanages in parts of the country controlled by its forces.

The new treaty will include an agreement that Rwanda would not expel asylum seekers to a country where their life or freedom would be threatened – a major concern by the UK Supreme Court, which last month ruled the agreement illegal.

The WHO’s representative in the Palestinian territories said when you are advised by an army that it’s very unlikely you can reach your warehouse after 24 hours, of course you comply.

Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy said securing the release of all those seized by Hamas remains an aim of the war, alongside destroying the Islamist militant group.

The Israeli military said that Tuesday was the most ‘intense day’ of fighting in Gaza since the beginning of its ground offensive, as the army advanced into the centre of Khan Younis.

The UK has sought an alternative after courts ruled Rwanda could not be a safe third country and migrants going there are at risk of being sent back to home nations.

Four of five men who reported assaults regretted doing so, research shows, saying police were often disinterested and that the process just added more trauma.


Wrapping up a visit to Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Karim Khan said: ‘Credible allegations of crimes during the current conflict should be the subject of timely, independent examination and investigation’.

Human rights researchers from banned organisations have been granted access to the federation of seven sheikhdoms, but some say it is using Cop28 to burnish its image and does not really respect rights.


The renewed fighting adds to the ‘massive, unparalleled destruction’ going on as Israel says its forces have hit 400 militant targets and killed Hamas fighters in the last 24 hours.

Israeli police say they have gathered ‘more than 1,500 shocking and difficult testimonies’ of sexual violence committed by Hamas militants during the October 7 attacks.

Just a small fraction of health facilities in Gaza are still functioning and those are in no shape to handle a new wave of casualties, aid groups say.


A highway tunnel under construction in China’s Xinjiang region is expected to be the world’s longest, and serve as a symbol of stronger ties with Central Asia.