Body-in-cement murder casei

The body of Cheung Man-li was found in a cement-filled box in a flat in April 2016 in Hong Kong after his girlfriend reported him missing weeks prior. A local police investigation led them to coordinate with authorities in Taiwan.

  • Sentencing Keith Lau and Cheung Sin-hang, judge questions what went wrong with the city’s education or core values
  • Pair said to have been under the influence of a swindler, who was already sentenced to life

Former Hong Kong leader was on body-in-cement murder gang’s fantasy hit list court hears as Tsang Cheung-yan continues his testimony and more details emerge.

In taped interview played at court, Cheung Sin-hang says co-accused manipulated him into cutting ties with his mother, borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars and eventually murder.

From police interview with third defendant, High Court hears about botched attempts to rob victim with spiked drink and a public toilet ambush, as he allegedly knew too much about crime ring and had to be “deleted”.

Keith Lau, accused in the murder of Cheung Man-li, told Hong Kong police he had a bad feeling after being separated from his co-defendants after arrest.

Keith Lau, one of three suspects, says in police interview that co-accused Tsang Cheung-yan is the group’s ‘boss’ and the one behind robbery plans.

But Tsang Cheung-yan’s attempt to get co-accused to surrender did not come until after he agreed to help dispose of corpse ‘any way they wanted’.  

Three defendants also considered throwing Cheung Man-li, 28, into the sea or burying body in woods but finally settled on encasing him in a block of cement. 

Defence counsel Keith Oderberg says Ho Ling-yu first accused one of the three defendants of preparing chloroform-soaked panties used in the alleged murder but later pointed the finger at his client.

But witness Ho Ling-yu on the second day of the murder trial said she thought they were joking even when one of the men asked her where they should dump the body