Chinese national anthemi

March of the Volunteers is the national anthem of the People's Republic of China.  

In Hong Kong, a proposed law was added to the city’s mini-constitution – the Basic Law – in November 2017. A National Anthem Bill is set to be tabled in early 2019.


Mr Justice Anthony Chan Kin-keung’s decision to deny a sweeping injunction not only underlines the independence of the judiciary but also challenges the government to come up with a more balanced approach on how to deal with illicit use of the fake national anthem ‘Glory to Hong Kong’.

  • Justice Department lawyers insist ban can be implemented without ‘chilling effect’ highlighted in original refusal of injunction against song by High Court
  • Government lawyers say ban will ‘amplify deterrent effect’ as prosecution difficult because fake names used to circulate song

Government lawyers earlier applied for review, citing perceived failure to give ‘greatest weight and deference’ to city leader’s decision to label song a national security risk.

Government lawyers say court did not give ‘the greatest weight and deference’ to Chief Executive John Lee when it ruled against a ban on ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ protest song.


Mr Justice Anthony Chan says injunction against ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ might not be any different from national security law sanction against use of song use with seditious intent.

Cheng Wing-chun found guilty of disrespecting Chinese national anthem by substituting correct music in clip of Tokyo Olympics fencer winning gold in July 2021.

Journalists’ group has instructed lawyers to write to Department of Justice to obtain more information about application for court injunction against playing protest song.

Concerns are growing that the world’s largest search engine operator may exit Hong Kong, as the city’s officials seek a ban on a popular protest song.

Government adviser dismisses concerns from academics and lawyers over bid to ban protest song ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ and insists national security takes precedence.

High Court asked to restrain ‘broadcasting, performing, printing, publishing, selling, offering for sale, distributing, disseminating, displaying or reproducing song in any way’.

‘After discussion, the board came to the conclusion that the punishment for the association should be relevant to the severity of the incident,’ top sports body says.

Top sports federation says ice hockey association said it tried several times to hand over anthem USB drive at international tournament, but alleges claim not true.

Athlete Chloe Chan says ‘long-term impact’ of possible funding cuts ‘hard to tell’ as she calls on authorities to consider alternatives to improve team’s sports organisation.