Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)i

EOC stands for the Equal Opportunities Commission. It is a Hong Kong statutory body responsible for implementing ordinances meant to eliminate discrimination based on disability, family status, race and gender.


Both the Equal Opportunities Commission and the education minister should have been more forthcoming when asked about a student’s complaint against a school ban on long hair for boys as that would help clear the air and provide clearer directions for the education sector

  • Ricky Chu, who chairs the Equal Opportunities Commission, also voices hope work on legislation against intra-racial discrimination will be completed soon
  • He weighs in on saga centred on trio of flight attendants fired from carrier after being accused by mainland passengers of insulting non-English speakers

Readers discuss the international reaction to the hanging in Singapore of a man convicted of a drug offence, nations’ failure to prioritise peace, and the Hong Kong equality watchdog’s sensitivity to potential discrimination.


Christine Chu, 24, says Chinese University’s law school told her to use toilets for people with disabilities when she asked about using women’s facilities.

Readers suggest what new PR police assistant commissioner can do, ask to be allowed home quarantine where there is ample space, and ponder the school ban on long hair for boys in our diverse society

Readers discuss how school rules requiring boys to have short hair reinforces outdated gender norms, the need to ensure policies do not contravene the Sex Discrimination Ordinance, and the courage needed to take a stand as a student.

M. Tariq is seeking HK$104,000 in damages from Gurkhas Group (G3S) Charity Foundation, which terminated his contract just one week into his employment.


Readers commend the RTHK for bucking the gender pay gap, decry the addiction to fossil fuel-run cars, say the future of a Polar Silk Road remains bright, and ask that tobacco deaths be treated as a public crisis on a par with Covid-19.

Readers discuss corporate policies on vaccination, the popularity of environmental issues and how an arbitrary retirement age prevents useful members of society from contributing.

But Ricky Chu, chairman of Equal Opportunities Commission, says new rule does not breach any anti-discrimination laws as it concerns electronic devices.