Hong Kong cancer therapy

Work of US professor on the treatment and prevention of cancer shows how gene-editing can raise the quality of life for so many when ethical concerns are addressed

  • Your attitude towards your cancer and a strong belief in the natural healing power of the body determine the outcome, Thai Buddhist says
  • She took cues from her siblings who did not have conventional treatment, choosing coffee enemas, nature walks and diet changes – until her cancer spread

Mammograms catch breast cancer early better than self-examination, and early detection increases a patient’s survival chances and reduces the need for total mastectomy and chemotherapy.

The venture -the largest life sciences transaction in Asia this year – would also spearhead the development of a life science ecosystem in Hong Kong, and help the city’s position as a biotech hub.


Meet two friends who endured cancer together during the pandemic. Their journey highlights the importance of support for cancer patients, especially during global health emergencies.

An ex-Hong Kong firefighter credits TTFields therapy, a relatively new and non-invasive treatment, with keeping his aggressive brain tumour in check after chemotherapy failed.

More and better cancer drugs, vaccines, increased screening, blood tests, lifestyle changes and targeted therapy have greatly reduced death rates from cancer.

Two specialists explain how lifestyle changes, regular screening and body awareness can help prevent breast cancer, while a survivor tells how she tapped into her own healing power.

Dr Choi Pui-wah from Chinese University, founder of WomenX Biotech, seeking to produce technology enabling users to test for diseases using menstrual blood.


Bioresonance therapy allowed sports pro Joann Hardwick to ‘find out which food groups put stress on my system’, helping her beat breast cancer twice and then thyroid cancer.


A cancer diagnosis can send a patient on an emotional roller coaster. Hong Kong man Keith Yip knows all about that. ‘Live in the moment and face life with a positive spirit,’ is his advice ahead of World Cancer Day 2022.