Cancer causes one in every eight deaths around the world, the World Health Organisation says. Lifestyle changes can do a lot to prevent the disease. Learn more about cancer, its symptoms, and modern–day approaches to beating it, from experts and survivors.


It is an uncomfortable subject yet one that Hong Kong must reflect on after another tragedy involving a terminally ill woman and the ‘mercy killing’ carried out by her caregiver-husband.

The singer-actress-songwriter, who died last week, was one of the first of many role-model women to share their experience of breast cancer with a wide audience. Stories like theirs are credited with mobilising cancer screening and research and a range of treatments and therapies

Free screening is offered for colorectal cancer but not lung or breast cancer, even though these are the three most common cancers in Hong Kong. For breast cancer in particular, early detection can make a huge difference to successful, low-cost treatment and survival.

  • In China single-dose vial of Toripalimab is US$280 but in the US will wholesale for US$8,892
  • Following the approval of Toripalimab by the Food and Drug Administration, two more Chinese-made cancer drugs have received approval for distribution in the US this month

HutchMed is poised to market its self-developed cancer drug ‘fruquintinib’ in Japan and Europe, after partner Takeda receives approval to market the drug in the US to treat metastatic colorectal cancer.


Full of nutrients and phytochemicals that help prevent and even reverse cancer and other chronic diseases, plant-based foods are medicine. We look at their diverse health benefits with help from experts.

Stand-up comedy event the T**ty Tumor Humor show has a serious message: women need regular breast checks. Proceeds will go to Phenomenally Pink, which helps women who can’t afford mammograms.

Life education group Arts’ Options gives drama training to over-55s in Hong Kong, and hopes to form the city’s first professional older-age acting troupe. Participants gain self-worth and new skills.

Swimming played a vital role in breast cancer survivor Rachael Guan’s rehabilitation. She is now preparing for the Splash 45km charity relay race around Hong Kong Island on November 4.


Hong Kong Movember campaigner Nicholas Worley’s app for preserving memories of family members can also record their health information, making it a potential lifesaver.

Mammograms catch breast cancer early better than self-examination, and early detection increases a patient’s survival chances and reduces the need for total mastectomy and chemotherapy.

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa wants to create a portable device that can detect cancer just by breathing into it – here is what you need to know about it and whether it would work.

Breast cancer survivor Anisha Oberoi founded clean beauty platform Secret Skin – the ‘Goop of the Middle East’ – on the back of knowledge she’d gained through beating the disease.

A few minutes of brisk activity – walking up stairs, walking faster than normal, doing housework vigorously – can lower your risk of suffering ailments such as cancer and heart disease. Such activity is known as Vilpa.

UV rays on planes are even more intense than on land, putting window seat passengers at risk of skin ageing and skin cancer while travelling, studies show – here’s what to do about it

Experts say that wearing sunscreen is not enough to combat the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, you also need to add physical barriers – so what kind exactly?

Full of antioxidants and high in fibre, pumpkins and their seeds have multiple health-giving properties: warding off cancer, protecting your heart and eyes, and aiding weight loss.

A study showing an 80 per cent rise in cancers among people under 50 should be a signal to people of all ages to rethink their diet, alcohol consumption and smoking, and exercise more, experts say.

Protesters in North Macedonia’s capital Skopje demanded the resignation of the country’s health minister and the hospital management. Some claimed the drugs had been stolen by staff to sell on the black market.

Newlywed Keren Goldman, 49, has known for months that she will not survive terminal cancer for much longer, and wishes the city afforded more choice for people like her at the end of their lives.

Mirxes, a spin-off of Singapore ’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research, will establish a foothold in Hong Kong this year to tap into the vast multi-cancer early-stage screening market in the Greater Bay Area.

Reubens’ TV series, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, ran for five seasons, earned 22 Emmy awards and attracted not only children but adults to Saturday-morning television.