Hong Kong skyline. Photo: Bloomberg


Hong Kong national security law (NSL)i

Latest news and updates on Beijing’s national security law for Hong Kong. The legislation, which was passed by Beijing by promulgation on June 30, 2020, aims to prevent, stop and punish secession, subversion of state power, terrorism and foreign interference. Opposition politicians and critics warn it could be used to suppress dissent and erode freedom in the city. Read the full text of the law here


As Hong Kong integrates with mainland China, some court rulings need to be reconciled without damaging the independence of the city’s judiciary or the integrity of the common law.

Officials should be giving a reason as to why the Democratic Party’s successful bid for a dry goods stall at the Victoria Park Lunar New Year Fair was rejected.

  • Arguments on Owen Chow’s judicial review application are reasonable, deserve further scrutiny in full hearing, judge says
  • Hearing expected to take place between March and May next year

Steven Kwan says prosecution required under Beijing-imposed law to prove an element of violence to substantiate a conspiracy offence to subvert state power.

‘I don’t think anyone, Beijing included, has the illusion of being able to change the political situation in Hong Kong overnight,’ Leung Chun-ying says.

Activist surrendered passport as part of national security investigation but says police gave it back after she took part in Shenzhen trip they arranged.


Audit Commission head Nelson Lam has not ruled out looking into other universities, noting body carries out reviews of all organisations receiving public money.

Education minister Christine Choi says authorities considering proposal to assess pupils using quizzes or by having them draw pictures in new humanities course.

While many are struggling to find same type of jobs and social circle they previously enjoyed, they say their lives have changed in ways too important to give up.


Choy Sai-hung, an architect of new humanities curriculum, says only about 10 per cent of course dedicated to national security and development of Communist Party.

With US-sanctioned leader unable to attend, finance chief went in his place, allowing city to show dignity in face of US derision and its keenness to repair ties, experts say.


Chief Executive’s Office director Carol Yip says delegation consisting of deputy ministers and political assistants is largest she has seen in decades.