US immigration

Oswald Spengler may have the answer, which may be more right today than when he first published his famed work a century ago.

  • The vote marked a defeat for Biden, who had asked for US$106 billion in funds and warned Congress that Putin would not stop with victory in Ukraine
  • The administration has said that it will run out of money for more Ukraine aid in weeks unless lawmakers act

During new year, celebrated in November-December, Hmong American community leaders work to share knowledge of their animist traditions so they won’t be lost for their children’s generation.


Judge Alia Moses barred the cutting or removing of wire until November 13 while she considers a lawsuit that accuses the government of illegally destroying state property.

Biden’s mega aid package yokes a host of disparate crises together in the hope that an appeal to US national unity will help shake House Republicans out of their current chaos.


US President Joe Biden defended plans to extend the border wall with Mexico, saying he didn’t think such barriers worked but that he was bound by laws introduced under Donald Trump.

Billionaire Elon Musk visited Eagle Pass, Texas, to meet with local politicians and law enforcement and obtain what he called an ‘unfiltered’ view of the situation.

Chinese immigrant workers allege they were lured to northern New Mexico under false pretences and forced to work 14 hours a day trimming marijuana on the Navajo Nation where cultivating the plant is illegal.

The nation aims to bring in 500,000 new residents in 2025 to deal with a labour shortage, but discourages applying for asylum after an agreement with the US.


The US Justice Department brought a lawsuit against the Elon Musk-owned company that cited a June 2020 post on X, formerly Twitter, by Musk that said: ‘US law requires at least a green card to be hired at SpaceX.’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott defied the Biden administration as the Justice Department sued his state for trying to block the US-Mexican border with a floating barrier and razor wire along the Rio Grande river.

Mayor Eric Adams said the fliers seek to ‘combat misinformation’ and the city would help migrants ‘take the next step in their journey’.

Cases against Harvard and the University of North Carolina were brought ostensibly on behalf of Asian applicants, but the biggest projected winners could be whites.

Amid a recruiting shortfall the United States is encouraging thousands of foreigners to join its military and offering fast track to citizenship to those who do, including recruits from Nepal, the Philippines, and even Russia.


The century-old Roosevelt Hotel, owned by state-run Pakistan International Airlines, will be rented out to the New York city government for three years in a US$220 million deal.


The United States is putting new restrictions into place at its southern border to try to to stop migrants from crossing illegally and encourage them instead to apply for asylum online through a new process.

Thousands of migrants have gathered at the Mexico-US border awaiting the end of Title 42, a pandemic public health restriction that allowed the US to swiftly expel undocumented migrants.

The sport utility vehicle ‘ran over several people that were waiting at a bus stop’ outside a facility housing migrants in Brownsville, police said. It was not clear whether the victims were migrants.

The Title 42 programme, introduced under Trump to use pandemic measures to expel people crossing without migration documents, will end next week.

Mexican authorities said that eight employees or officials are being investigated for possible misconduct at a migrant detention centre where a fire killed 39 detained men.