The Independent Commission Against Corruption was established in 1974 when Hong Kong was under British rule. Its aim was to clean up endemic corruption in the many departments of the Hong Kong government through law enforcement, prevention and community education.


Lam Cheuk-ting’s dogged pursuit of the former chief executive over a HK$50m payment from an Australian firm has ended with Leung being cleared by the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Department of Justice.

Questions as to why the top operations job in the graft-buster is still vacant after three years need an explanation in such a politically charged atmosphere

  • Analyst programmer, 38, allegedly reposted social media call inciting others to not take part in Sunday’s election
  • Anti-corruption agency officers seized his mobile phone during operation

Arrest of 36-year-old in Tsing Yi comes a week after city’s graft-buster revealed it had arrested 20 people on suspicion of committing similar offence.

ICAC says insurance agent was mastermind of syndicate suspected of taking bribes to help residents claim pension by falsely saying they had moved to mainland China.

Readers discuss the arrest of 23 people in an ICAC crackdown, the contractual obligations of those who employ domestic helpers, and Hong Kong banks’ overreliance on mortgage income.

Henry Kwok, former principal of Tak Sun School, accused of divulging examination questions to a private tutorial centre in which he had a financial interest.

Alice Lee, 54, falsely claimed she complied with the ‘live-in requirement’ for housing allowance when she was staying at her parents’ home, the Independent Commission Against Corruption alleges.

Among those arrested are qualified accountants and senior executives of Hong Kong-listed companies, according to a joint statement on Wednesday by the authorities.

Li Junping pleaded guilty to offering an advantage to a public servant, after she tried to make HK$20,000 payment to secure son’s admission to school.

Karen Penlington Luard tells Ed Peters about being a model, PR and gossip columnist, ‘nearly drowning’ on a junk trip with Joan Collins, and why she’s researching police corruption.

Mastermind construction firm offered bribes to influential residents in largest operation against such scams, Independent Commission Against Corruption says.

Eight people, including the suspected ringleader of a ‘ramp-and-dump’ syndicate, have been arrested in Hong Kong for making illegal gains of HK$191 million (US$24.3 million).

Yeung Lam-lung is accused of hiding interests in companies that sold HK$4 million worth of goods to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology where he worked.