Cybercrime is in the headlines and while the amount of money lost in phishing cases has fallen, there is still big money being stolen by online fraudsters. Hopefully, with stronger enforcement and publicity, this will change

  • In November, Temu accounted for nearly 17 per cent of discount store market share in the US, according to data analytics firm Earnest Analytics
  • The platform’s novelty and ad campaigns of have helped Temu see enormous growth in the year since it was launched by China’s PDD Holdings

Many celebs have enormous followings on Instagram, but who do you think tops the list in 2023? From Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Lionel Messi …

Tencent, China’s biggest social media and video gaming company, is closing its live-streaming service Now, as the company continues to consolidate its video businesses.


Parcel deliveries reached a new high of 120 billion items this week, up 8.5 per cent from all of 2022, as e-commerce sees strong third-quarter recovery.


ByteDance-owned Douyin, the Chinese sibling of TikTok that has over 600 million daily active users, is testing paid content as the social media giant continues to seek ways to diversify its revenue.

The Beijing Internet Court’s decision is expected have far-reaching implications for future AI copyright disputes, which could eventually benefit Chinese Big Tech companies.

The AI tool is expected to help merchants on, the e-commerce giant’s international business-to-business wholesale marketplace, automate their client-facing operations to entice more customers overseas.

The tech giant had previously said it would block news on its platform over a new law that aims to make internet firms share ad revenue with news publishers.

Valued at more than US$60 billion, Shein is expected to become the most valuable China-founded company to go public in the US since Didi Global’s debut in 2021 at a US$68-billion valuation.

The social media giant is cutting hundreds of jobs at its flagship Nuverse studio, and will shut down development on most unlaunched titles a year after cuts at two related studios.


Chinese server maker H3C Technologies will cut the pay of its mid-to-senior-level employees by up to 20 per cent, as the impact of US tech sanctions spreads to the digital infrastructure market.

Baidu has a stockpile of advanced artificial intelligence chips to soften the short-term impact of US export curbs, the Chinese tech giant said as it forecast increased AI revenues in its third-quarter results.

Parent Singapore Telecommunications announced the resignation of Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin days after a network-wide outage left nearly half of Australia without phone or internet for 12 hours.

Marcos Jnr wants the video app to train local sellers, especially those in rural areas, to market their offerings, after meeting with TikTok Chief Executive Officer Chew Zi Shou in San Francisco.

The National Radio and Television Administration has proposed a range of measures to ‘strengthen and refine management’ of short web dramas, including a sweeping review of each series’ cast, production, marketing and social values.


Chinese tech giants Alibaba and Tencent admit to feeling the pinch of the latest US chip export controls, but said they are evaluating ways to minimise the impact on their business growth.

Activists warn of a link between depictions of pornography involving children and young people being lured into the sex industry, as the law does not cover child-porn images created by AI.

Reports play up personal interactions between President Xi Jinping and American counterpart Joe Biden as well as the Chinese leader’s remarks on Taiwan, bilateral ties and Washington’s efforts to contain Beijing.


The internet giant was the first to put in orders for Nvidia’s much-coveted H800 chip, which was designed for export to China to comply with earlier US tech restrictions.

The start-up has decided to change the so-called tensor name of its AI model Yi-34B, following an inquiry that later revealed it was developed using the architecture of Meta Platforms’ Llama system.

China needs to develop 1 million artificial intelligence-native applications and less AI large language models, according to Baidu co-founder, chairman and chief executive Robin Li.

Nvidia on Monday added new features to its top-of-the-line chip for artificial intelligence, saying the new offering will start to roll out next year with, Alphabet’s Google and Oracle.