Kim Dotcomi

Kim Dotcom is the founder of Megaupload, a now-defunct file-sharing online service that was registered in Hong Kong. The German citizen also has residency in New Zealand and Hong Kong. In January 2012, Dotcom was indicted in the US and accused of racketeering by facilitating massive copyright fraud. He was arrested in Coatesville, Auckland, New Zealand, during an armed raid and is fighting extradition to the US.

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Kim’s personal story is Shakespearean in its ups and downs, says director of government-funded documentary that had its premiere in US this week as web entrepreneur fights extradition to face piracy charges there


The High Court has allowed internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom to access some of his restrained Hong Kong assets to pay part of his legal costs and for living expenses.  

Renegade internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom says Hong Kong is a key battleground in his fight to stop the US government extraditing him to face charges of mass copyright infringement.

Indicted internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom defeated efforts by prosecutors to send him back to a New Zealand jail or make him wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.

Lawyers for internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom are seeking to retrieve HK$330 million worth of assets seized by Hong Kong customs officers in 2012 at homes and offices linked to his Megaupload website.

Kim Dotcom, accused by Washington of being one of the world's biggest internet pirates, plunged into politics yesterday with the launch of a party to contest New Zealand's general election in September.

Mega, the internet file-storage company launched last year by the indicted entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, announced plans yesterday to list on New Zealand's stock market.

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom announced yesterday that he plans to launch a political party in New Zealand to contest next year's elections, drawing a scornful response from Prime Minister John Key.

New Zealand's speaker of Parliament has apologised to a journalist whose phone records were provided to an inquiry probing how she got a leaked report on the nation's spy agency.

Ex-Hong Kong resident and flamboyant internet mogul Kim Dotcom said he was considering legal action against tech giants such as Twitter, Google and Facebook for infringing copyright on a security measure he invented.

Former Hong Kong resident and flamboyant founder of the now-defunct file-sharing site Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, says he plans to sue the Hong Kong government for the role it played in his company's demise.

They look as different as chalk and cheese but Kim Dotcom and Julian Assange are, in some ways, identical. Both are former computer hackers wanted by the US government; both claim to fight for internet freedom; and both cannot travel freely.

Kim Dotcom came to Hong Kong because it was a smart business choice; he stayed because of its "electrified soul". But now the self-styled entrepreneur is banned from returning to his penthouse suite at the Grand Hyatt in Wan Chai.