Edward Snowden

American Whistle-blower
Edward Snowden, an American contract employee at the National Security Agency, is the whistleblower behind significant revelations that surfaced in June 2013 about the US government's top secret, extensive domestic surveillance programmes. Snowden flew to Hong Kong from Hawaii in May 2013, and supplied confidential US government documents to media outlets including the Guardian....more
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Yonden Lhatoo says the Trump administration has not only cut off the city’s nose to spite China’s face, it has also shot itself in the foot by killing a reciprocal deal that allowed the transfer of fugitive offenders
SCMP ColumnistYonden Lhatoo
A whistle-blower culture is taking hold around the world. So, even with scepticism about the official line, it is puzzling that some in Hong Kong still believe there were deaths in an MTR station even though no one has come forward.
The land of the free has its own track record for espionage – just ask Facebook, Cambridge Analytica or the National Security Agency
As China and the US square up on almost every front in the fight to shape a new global order, Niall Fraser argues that the day Hong Kong turned David to Washington’s Goliath has never been forgotten