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My Takei

My Take, a popular and sometimes controversial daily column of the South China Morning Post, analyses a variety of hot-button issues concerning Hong Kong, mainland China and the region.


A survey has shown a growing lack of interest in politics. Yet engagement is needed if the city is to rebuild its reputation as being vibrant and open.


The sad truth is that political assassination is increasingly tolerated as a method of foreign policy not only for ‘rogue’ states, but also some powerful democracies as well.

As ordinary Europeans suffer from the economic fallout of the Ukraine war, more are turning to the nationalist, xenophobic hard right. Maybe it’s time to make peace with Russia before the 2030s turns into the 1930s.

If US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is anything to go by, Washington wants to drag everyone into a fight of ‘with us or against us’.

In a recent essay, former HKU vice-chancellor Wang Gungwu puts today’s relationship between two countries down to the rejection of ‘the great convergence’.

The China threat has much more to do with the insecurity and indecision of the West towards the country, the emerging multipolar world and the erosion of Western dominance.

The tech fight is about economic survival for Beijing, but just another ‘war’ of choice for US politicians and technocrats. It’s easy to predict which side has the greater will to prevail.

New book argues Tokyo’s ‘quiet leadership’ may be rock of stability in part of world fought over by an increasingly unreliable America, aggressive China and dangerous North Korea.

Everyone, whether America’s vassals or enemies, needs to move away from the dollar when their greenback-denominated assets can be taken from them on Washington’s say-so.

A study finds that the sanction regime often prolongs conflicts, collectively punishes whole populations and hinders third-party humanitarian efforts.

Justin Trudeau has turned late father and prime minister Pierre’s liberalism on its head, resulting in transgenderism for children, easy drug access for addicts, state-assisted suicide for the non-terminally ill and censorship against the unenlightened.

A former top Nasa official thinks UFOs may not be the work of little green men but nasty people from China. Some top US senators now want an independent commission to investigate.

Island vice-president keeps low profile on US ‘stopovers’ as Taipei is thrown out of Central American Parliament, and faces new Guatemalan president who wants closer ties with Beijing.