My Take

Co-dependency is a great source of resentment and hate. So it is with Hong Kong's relationship with the mainland. As the city increasingly integrates with the rest of China, more and more locals are pulling back and demanding our uniqueness and free way of life be recognized. You say one country, we say two systems. The late Deng Xiaoping's formula to reunify Hong Kong with the mainland has never been more polarizing. 
My Take, a popular and controversial daily column of the South China Morning Post, analyses the roots of this cross-border confrontation and other hot-button issues affecting Hong Kong today

The problem with the failed land sale is not that the reserve price was too high. Rather, long-time bullish market sentiments have turned recently and the bidders got cold feet. Photo: Roy Issa

Right decision made on Peak site

The decision to withdraw from the market a prime site that was tipped to reach a record price was attacked by some critics as an example of the government’s unofficial “high land price” policy. That’s a bit of a stretch.