Rurik Juttingi

Rurik Jutting, a British investment banker, was convicted of brutally killing two Indonesian women in Hong Kong in 2014. He was jailed for life in November 2016.


Milkshake murderer Nancy Kissel, British banker Rurik Jutting, and yoga ball killer Khaw Kim Sun all among McCoy’s clients, but he was also constitutional law expert and well known for human rights cases, defending Occupy ringleaders and others.


Former British banker’s appeal over conviction for killing Indonesian women Sumarti Ningsih and Seneng Mujiasih expected to involve parts of judge’s directions to the jury


The former banker was a frequent visitor to the Philippines, where he struck up seemingly meaningful relationships with bar girls who viewed him as a good catch


The British banker accused of murdering two young Indonesian women in his Wan Chai flat had been in highly stressful jobs, with his life gradually spiralling out of control before his arrest, the High Court heard on Tuesday.

The second Indonesian woman allegedly murdered by British banker Rurik Jutting in Wan Chai last year was named in court on Thursday.

A 29-year-old British banker accused of killing two women in his Wan Chai flat was brought to court to have a date set for his committal hearing.

Rurik Jutting, the British banker accused of murdering two women, has been found fit to stand trial after psychiatric tests. The trial was adjourned this morning for eight months to allow more than 200 items of evidence to be forensically tested.

A British banker accused of murdering two women in his Wan Chai home is to undergo psychiatric assessment, according to a court order yesterday.

A British banker was being questioned by murder squad detectives after the naked bodies of two young women were discovered in his 31st-floor Wan Chai apartment.