Tony Chani

Tony Chan, who now goes by Peter Chan Chun-chuen, is a Hong Kong-born businessman and former fung shui practitioner born in December 1959. In 2013, Chan went on trial accused of forging the will of Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum, the late chairwoman of Chinachem and Asia's richest woman. Chan denied the charges.

  • Chan, 59, says he has completed two distance learning courses from Baptist Theological Seminary since being jailed in 2013 and is now on his third one
  • He has filed a civil lawsuit in mainland China and is seeking a public apology from various parties involved in the legal fight over HK$83 billion estate

Jailed former fung shui master Peter Chan Chun-chuen has swapped the high life with Asia's richest woman for prison congee and rice.


The jury that is to decide today whether Peter Chan Chun-chuen is guilty of forging late tycoon Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum's will must put aside any personal feelings, they were told by the judge yesterday.

Alleged will forger Peter Chan Chun-chuen was accused by the prosecution in High Court on Wednesday of playing on the superstition and loneliness of Nina Wang and treating her as a means to become rich.

Late tycoon Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum began issuing business instructions on paper instead of face to face after she became seriously ill, a long-time employee of hers has told the court.

Peter Chan Chun-chuen, fung shui adviser to the late Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum, told the ill and desperate billionaire that he had talked to Buddha to prolong her life, the prosecutor in Chan's forgery trial said yesterday.