Stories about leisure travel in Hong Kong, China, Asia, and around the world.


By combining history, technology and entertainment, ‘time travel’ tourism could rejuvenate Hong Kong’s travel industry by attracting a range of visitors seeking unique and immersive experiences.

  • Osaka is one of several cities across Japan that is working to attract people wanting to combine cutting-edge medical treatments with a recuperative holiday
  • Areas in which institutions in Osaka and the wider area are among the best in the world include cardiology, cancer treatment and immunotherapy, official says

IATA chief Willie Walsh says aviation sector is making ‘considerable progress’, hails initiatives to boost traffic from city and Greater Bay Area.


Greek police are investigating a hoax targeting foreign visitors – fake posters have been going up around Athens claiming there is a bedbug infestation to scare them out of using short-term rental flats.


A trip through Portugal’s less-travelled places reveals hidden gems from island forts to magical mountain villages that are refreshingly free of tourists – perfect for a quiet holiday.

A passenger was denied entry into the Philippines and was returned to Australia after being restrained and escorted off a Scoot flight for displaying “disruptive behaviour”.

Singapore grandmother Tan Chwee Lian carved warriors and Taoist gods for most of her life. She leaves intricate tasks to younger members of the family now, but still greets visitors to the workshop.

How to book the Royal Caribbean holiday for Swifties from Miami to the Bahamas, departing next October – but will the pop star herself make an appearance?

Chinese tourists can enter the country for 30 days visa-free, but Malaysian tour operators remain sceptical of how much this will help local tourism.


Kenya’s tourism authorities have made it easier to reach the uppers slopes of Mount Kenya, and plan to further improve access. Critics say they risk making the mountain as polluted as Kilimanjaro.

The WHO says the spike appears to be driven by a rise in the number of children contracting pathogens they had avoided during 2 years of Covid-19 restrictions.

Hostels are becoming the latest travel trend, with some offering hotel-style experiences – think private rooms and rooftop pools – at much lower prices than both hotels and Airbnbs.

A highway tunnel under construction in China’s Xinjiang region is expected to be the world’s longest, and serve as a symbol of stronger ties with Central Asia.


Festive treats at The Peninsula Hong Kong include gourmet cuisine from Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant Spring Moon, deluxe hampers with Peninsula champagne, and massages and facials at the spa

In the wake of China’s unilateral granting of visa-free entry, a number of experts have said an even wider opening would do a great deal in supporting the country’s economic recovery.


Bored of art and natural history museums? These European attractions cover everything from money to miniatures, ships in bottles, even broken relationships.

On a walk around Milan fuelled by genuine Italian espresso, Tom Eves visits the country’s oldest shopping gallery, streets full of fashion, and its famous cathedral, Duomo Di Milano.

Chinese and Indian nationals may stay in Malaysia for up to 30 days visa-free, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said. Malaysia is counting on extra tourist arrivals – and their spending – to support economic growth.