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  • Seongsu has soared in popularity among young people in recent years thanks to its mixed retro 1990s and modern vibe
  • Rent increases have helped put 90 per cent of the area’s traditional shoemakers out of business, but traces of its industrial past cling on

Hong Kong’s residents have been flocking across the border for high-end shopping trips, but there are tranquil seaside resorts and delicious dining at urban gems to enjoy, too

Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin stayed at the historic beach property back in the day – and it recently reopened in April, restored to its art deco glory


Celebrating their 150th and 125th anniversaries respectively, San Francisco’s cable cars and Ferry Building give a fascinating insight into how public transport systems can help build a city.

The Belgian beach resort of Oostduinkerke is the last remaining place where shrimp fishing on horseback is practised, and the full spectacle is a sight to behold.

Ready to get out of those PJs and book yourself in for a stress-free work trip? Here are the top 10 ‘workcation’ cities in the world for remote employees, according to IWG

The resort operator, owned by Fosun Tourism, said people are now spending 23 per cent more and staying 10 per cent longer than they did before the pandemic.


Valencia, Spain, is the birthplace of paella and it is a symbol of the Mediterranean city. We learn the history of the rice dish, right and wrong ways to cook it, and where to look for authentic versions.

Henry Golding recently stopped by Hong Kong as a guest at St. Regis, following trips to Rome and Madrid – and we met with the Crazy Rich Asians star

Brisbane in Australia is reinventing itself as it prepares to host the 2032 Olympic Games, starting with a special opera experience. Here’s where else to go, from hidden restaurants to art galleries and island tours.

The ‘French island with an Italian accent’ is where many Parisians come for a friendlier feel than in Saint-Tropez and where the air is sweet with the smell of Mediterranean herbs

The Portuguese capital enjoys fresh seafood from the Atlantic, and the best produce from inland, and its inventive chefs make good use of them – it’s why Lisbon is a foodie’s delight.

Cricket fans are descending on Ahmedabad, in India’s Gujarat state, as it prepares to host five World Cup matches, but this richly historical city has so much more to offer.

Thousands of tourists visit Juneau in Alaska via cruise ship every day to see the Mendenhall Glacier, rapidly receding due to climate change, but the city is finally saying ‘enough’.

Phnom Penh might seem like one huge building site fuelled by Chinese money but a heritage tour of the Cambodian capital uncovers its abundant historical and traditional architecture.

Antarctica seems to be the go-to destination for wealthy travellers looking for adventurous, yet luxurious, trips – here’s why this expedition trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon

Seochon, in South Korea’s capital Seoul, mixes Instagram-worthy, K-drama-esque traditional ‘hanok’ houses with hip shops, stylish galleries and cool cafes.

It’s all about privacy, seclusion, bespoke experiences and escaping the ‘hoi polloi’ … here’s where the world’s wealthiest holidaymakers are travelling this summer and why

Iloilo, on the Philippines’ Panay Island, has put much effort into celebrating its local identity amid widespread transformation – and there’s no better place to eat batchoy and Pancit Molo.

Taiwan’s Turtle Island attracts everyone from watersports fans to volcano enthusiasts, while Toucheng on the mainland, which provides boat links, is the gateway to some of Taiwan’s best beaches.

From Italy’s Lake Como, where Hollywood stars including George Clooney have villas, to monster hunters’ favourite Loch Ness, and Dal Lake, in India’s Himalayas, we survey 9 of the world’s most beautiful lakes.

It pays to plan ahead when picking where to take the family: make sure your kids are going to have fun in a safe and stimulating environment, and you get to relax more too

Buying a ticket to see Taylor Swift’s record-breaking tour in Asia isn’t as easy as it seems – so is it better to see her in Singapore or Tokyo? We do the sums and talk you through the knotty application process

Barcelona is full of restaurants, cafes and bars. Top Spanish chefs Albert Adria, Eduard Xatruch, Sergio Torres and Jordi Roca reveal their favourite places to eat and drink in the Catalan capital.

Be a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, in real life? This July, Airbnb is offering the chance to stay at this hot-pink luxury estate inspired by the Mattel doll – here’s a look inside

This year marks the 25th birthday of generation-defining series Sex and the City – let’s recap some of the most iconic scenes and where you can relive them on your next visit to New York

Are you ready to fulfil your bucket list dreams with some of the world’s most luxurious excursions? We’ve found 5 exclusive trips to add to your calendar in 2023-24

After three years cut off from China’s sprawling pool of cash-strapped travellers during the pandemic, tourism operators in countries such as Tanzania are moving fast to lure them back, but challenges remain.