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  • Entrepreneur and investor Jim Kitchen has visited all 193 UN-recognised countries and was part of the civilian crew on a Blue Origin space flight in March
  • He reveals why he leaves his wedding ring at home, avoids street food and hides an extra credit card in his shoes

When Penelope Luk, creative director of Crafts on Peel, read Stories of the Sahara – the defining work of celebrated Chinese travel writer Sanmao – it changed her life forever.


Memorabilia of musical and movie stars grace new museums in Los Angeles and Nashville, treasures of ancient Egypt have a new home and with M+ opening, Asia has three new art mega-museums.

Before Crazy Rich Asians and Snake Eyes, the Hollywood star was a TV presenter for BBC’s Travel Show … and he picked up plenty of jet-setting hacks along the way

In a world that’s currently fairly sparse on travellers, which airports are the world’s top 10 this year? Hint: long-time favourite Singapore Changi Airport has been dethroned …

Indulge in eggs Benedict at Baker & Cook or The Book Cafe, go healthy with vegan and vegetarian fare at Carrotsticks & Cravings Cafe, or bring the whole family to Bee’s Knees at The Garage …

With spring comes a flurry of delicate pink blooms all across Asia, from sakura in Japan to chompoo pantip in Thailand and Palawan cherry trees in the Philippines – here are 14 hotspots to add to your post-pandemic travel bucket list

Oceania Cruises’ trip on the Insignia will take passengers to 33 countries, including Antarctica and 61 Unesco sites – and travellers snapped it up amid Covid-19-induced-wanderlust, even though it’s still two years away