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  • Carl F. Bucherer’s Heritage BiCompax Annual Hometown Edition pays homage to cities by featuring their most recognisable features on the caseback designs – now Hong Kong is part of the club
  • As part of refining its range, the watchmaker has brought back its Manero Flyback, introduced in 2016, but with a smaller dial and wider range of colours

Hong Kong action movie star Donnie Yen Ji-dan has apologised following fierce online criticism of the security team which was protecting him at an event in China.

China’s love of the online “escape room” phenomenon has taken a Hong Kong twist with players in Beijing flocking to games in which the city, its culture and its environs play a central role.


A woman left her phone in a Hong Kong taxi and gave it up as stolen when the driver fled, but days later, she hailed the same car with another driver — kicking off a bizarre chase.

A Hongkonger’s praise for a mainland delivery driver’s work ethic resonates online in China while drawing attention to the often challenging conditions these workers face in the country.

Social media has been outraged by the story of a Hong Kong woman who was tricked by her superstitious mother-in-law into drinking an ancient potion supposed to help her “make a baby”.

A 15-second cameo by Hong Kong actor Tony Leung in K-pop girl group NewJeans’ new music video for ‘Cool with You’, also featuring Squid Game’s Jung Ho-yeon, has generated delight online.


Before you book in your skin treatments for the summer, consider these no-gos during the season so you can skip ‘em till the winter – here’s why

Mainland social media has been captivated by an emotional tribute paid to late pop diva Coco Lee by a poor farmer in China whom she took time out of her schedule to help in 2016.

Fans of Hong Kong movie star Chow Yun-fat have been thrilled by an interview in which the cinema great speaks of his deep affection for his home city and its distinct “charming and arrogant” Cantonese dialect.

A mainland Chinese influencer has catapulted to fame with his remarkable impersonations of Hong Kong film and pop superstar Leslie Cheung with unique make-up and similar vocal style.


The odd dynamics of a mother-son relationship in Hong Kong have been laid bare on an online forum after details of the mother’s controlling behaviour were revealed by a friend of the 30-year-old son.

A change in the retail relationship between Hong Kong and Shenzhen is taking place as local city folk seek out “purchasing agents” to buy their favourite food and snacks at cheaper prices in the neighbouring mainland city.

China’s social media has been filled with praise for Hong Kong people after a mainland woman witnessed multiple acts of kindness towards a vomiting student onboard one of the city’s subway trains.

A feel-good factor has been generated online by the story of a cash-strapped Hong Kong man with whom compassionate work colleagues began sharing their daily meals.

Social media has reacted with anger after a Hong Hong man posted photos on Facebook of his dramatic proposal of marriage in the middle of one of the busiest roads in the city, at rush hour.

Thousands engage with online post by Hong Kong wife who tells how she embarked on a true-detective mission to discover the real reason for her husband’s frequent trips to mainland China.

Hong Kong social media observers have flooded a man with advice after he made a post saying he was in a quandary over whether or not to accept a work colleague’s invitation to a wedding.

A flood of online relationship advice has poured in for a Hong Kong husband who has claimed he was mistreated and exploited at home despite earning US$7,600 a month to provide for his family.

A Hong Kong man filmed begging for money on a city’s street and being refused by most people who are wary of scams receives more than 100 comments after being posted online.

Social media observers have reacted with anger after a Hong Kong man reveals how he was handed a threatening ultimatum by his mainland wife to either hand over a chunk of his mother’s US$2.5-million inheritance or face divorce.

There has been an outpouring of online praise for the warmth of Hong Kong people after an elderly cleaner went the extra mile for a mainland tourist on her night out alone at the cinema.

China’s online community has been reflecting the way Hong Kong brings up its children after a mainland student studying in the city posted a heartwarming photo on social media.