Show off photo prompt: Don’t look at me!

  • Think you can write a funny photo caption? Each week, we present to you one photo, and it’s up to you to submit a wacky description of about 15 words
  • This week, we give you a furry little animal who doesn’t want to show his face
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Peek-a-boo! Photo: Pal Marchhart

What is this animal? What is it doing? What do you think it’s hiding from?

Think you can write a funny caption? Send us your most creative ideas (15 words max.) by filling out this form or emailing [email protected] by February 9 at 11.59pm. We’ll publish the best captions next week.

Best captions from last week’s contest

A woman uses a plastic bag as a cover to walk outside the Beijing railway station ahead of the Lunar New Year. Photo: AFP

Matthew Lee, 17: Taking a “reusable bag” to the next level.

Hurain Bibi, 16: I just did my hair this morning!

Fion Chow Wing-lam, 14: I have plastic on and nothing can ruin my mood, including the rain!

Michelle Pang, 17: It’s a dangerous world. I need to be wrapped up to protect myself.

Venus Ho Yue-wing, 12: Covid-19, Delta and Omicron, go away!

Selina Sin Wing-nga, 13: She is showing others a low-budget way to cosplay as a jellyfish with a plastic bag.

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