LISTENING ANSWERS: MaLa Project: Interview with Amelie Kang [April 27, 2020]

  • This week's video is about the founder of a Sichuan-style restaurant that is taking New York City by storm.
  • Now check your answers!
Doris Wai |

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1. (i) Amelie Kang

(ii) hot pot

(iii) hometown

2. noodles/sweet bean/pork

3. It is one of the dishes she grew up eating. / This dish is very special to her because as a child, she only gets to get it during special occasions. 

4. simmer

5. savoury and sweet

6. B

7. It’s brick walls and brick floors are similar to that of the old pingfang/country house she grew up in.

8. D

9. There is a higher demand for authentic, regional food, instead of American Chinese food.

10. C

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