LISTENING ANSWERS: Saving Patua, Macau's dying language [March 13, 2020]


Patua is a critically endangered language that is unique to the former Portuguese colony

Doris Wai |

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1. raise awareness about a dying/critically endangered language

2. (i) unique

(ii) endangered

(iii) formerly

3. (i) Patua

(ii) Cantonese

(iii) Portuguese

(iv) English

4. (i) minority

(ii) majority/bulk

5. D

6. It is probably the first well-documented instance of locals combining elements of different culinary traditions to create a new cuisine. 

7. (i) minchi; pork

(ii) pato cabidela; duck blood 

8. (i) F

(ii) F

(iii) T

(iv) NG

9. language and arts