5 Minute Listening: Get ready to run virtually

  • Celebrity trainer Amanda offers some useful tips to help runners maintain their energy and stay hydrated during a virtual race.
  • Listen to the audio and answer the questions
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Janice Michaels: Hi, welcome back to another episode of Jan on the Run! Today, joining us on our wellness journey is one of our favourite guests, celebrity trainer and chef, Amanda Chung. Hi, Amanda! We are so thrilled to have you back. 

Amanda Chung: Thanks, Janice! It’s my pleasure to be here.

Janice Michaels: I’m just going through the emails we’ve received from our listeners, and here’s a really interesting one for you, Amanda. Abdul from Sai Ying Pun wrote: “I am a non-professional runner who has taken part in a few marathons. In the past, we were given water and energy bars during the race. Now due to Covid-19, these events are going virtual and none of these will be provided. I just signed up for my first 10k virtual run, which will take place in seven weeks. Do you have any tips to keep me hydrated, and to boost my energy during the race?”

Amanda Chung: Hi Abdul. Thanks for your question and congrats on signing up for your first virtual competitive run. These races require a different type of preparation, and this means it is now up to set up your own nutrition and water stations.

Janice Michaels: Often, I have novice athletes say, “I am not a professional or elite runner, so I do not need to eat and drink during my race.” Well, guess what? This is the exact reason you need nutrition.

Amanda Chung: You’re right. Abdul, you want to make sure your body has enough energy to get you to the finish line. I’d recommend 30-60 grams of carbohydrates every hour if you run for longer than one hour. You should begin eating shortly after the start of your race and continue to do so at 15- to 20-minute intervals for the rest of your run.

Janice Michaels: How about hydration? 

Amanda Chung: Hydration is equally important, of course. Losing just 2 per cent of your body weight through dehydration can negatively impact performance and add unwanted time to your race. While you may not be used to bringing drinks with you, your virtual race will require it. You should drink 1 cup of fluid every 10-20 minutes during your run. Include an electrolyte drink if you’ll be running for longer than one hour.

Janice Michaels: Also, Abdul, you might want to figure out your race fuelling plan in advance. Try experimenting with different food, water, sports and electrolyte drinks to see what your body tolerates best during a training run that is similar to your race.

Amanda Chung: That’s right. Your body will digest nutritients differently on an easy run versus a harder one. Practise the simple things, such as opening your energy gels while running. Also, pre-rip your food packages so you can easily open them while running.

Janice Michaels: That’s a useful tip! Although the pandemic has changed the look of running races, you can still aim for your personal best during a virtual event with a little planning and preparation. All the best for your race, Abdul!


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