"He won't smile? I believe he will," said Santa Claus with his signature hearty laugh, as he looked at Wayne's face. The boy looked nervous, surrounded by other children from the Paediatric Rheumatism Association.

In the lobby of the Kowloon Shangri-La is a mosaic of 3,024 tiles, the world's largest Zentangle art piece made up of the drawings of individual charity donors who pay HK$50 per tile.

At a primary school in Sham Shui Po, 20 first- to third-graders raced one another excitedly across a classroom, looking for the correct English words pasted on the walls in a vocabulary game.


The headquarters of Remar Hong Kong sits in the middle of a field in Yuen Long, surrounded by greenery and mountains.

A devastating fire that trapped and killed seven children inside an unlicensed Henan orphanage last year was the drive behind Sowers Action.

About 500 young children and their families brought Christmas to Discovery Bay early yesterday during the ninth annual Discovery Mind charity walk.

A mother watches her child as he stacks Play-Doh tubes on top of each other. She grabs his arms before he is able to knock his newly constructed tower to the ground.

A woman drowned in the Yangtze River after quarrelling with her boyfriend and his former girlfriend on Thursday afternoon, the Chongqing Business Daily reports.

For fans of authentic and vintage vinyl, this is a slice of heaven. In the small store hidden away on the third floor of an unnamed building in SoHo, the shop owner — a jazz enthusiast — has a collection made largely of classical and jazz records.

Residents were outraged to learn that the transport bureau had approved plans to let an unlimited number of tourist coaches through the Discovery Bay tunnel.

City cadres appointed to rural offices have come under scrutiny for their commuting practices - and the costs involved - with some accused of failing to make it to the office altogether.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's celebrated musical christens AsiaWorld-Expo's spanking new theatre space. Since its 1986 debut in London, the show has won countless accolades and made household names out of many of its cast members.

Landing on many "Greatest DJ lists" even before dropping his debut LP, the 26-year-old Dutch DJ/producer makes his debut bow in Macau. Expect an evening of thumping bass and hot mixes with crowd-pleasers Ten Feet Tall and As Your Friend.

With a smartphone and a portable speaker set up in the corner, the leads and chorus of Miss Rose broke out in song and dance before rehearsals had even begun. From their dedication and drive, you could be forgiven for thinking the cast members were seasoned actors.