Alfred C. M. Chan
Alfred C. M. Chan
Professor Alfred C. M. Chan is the chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission. He has been both a practitioner in welfare services for older persons and an academic in social gerontology. He was a member of the Hong Kong World Health Organisation Quality of Life Instruments (Elderly) Study Team (2002-6), and a consultant on ageing and social development issues for the United Nations Economics and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (2001-2015).

After a recent survey revealed widespread harassment among students, it would be easy to point the finger at the younger generation. But the issue runs deeper, and a lack of sex education in our schools is a major factor.

It’s time for the Hong Kong government to stop hiding behind social conventions as an excuse for its slow progress in strengthening laws to root out discrimination and protect the marginalised in society.

The government should introduce legislation banning discrimination against sexual minorities and make it clear that this does not infringe on freedom of speech.

With an increasing number of ethnic minority youth born here who are more comfortable with the Chinese language than their parents, Hong Kong should redouble its efforts to remove the obstacles they face in finding employment.

Alfred C. M. Chan calls on the government to update its legislation so that those who don’t work full-time, many of whom are women in low-paid jobs, are not left out