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The Asianparent is a publication under Tickled Media Pte Ltd, and is the largest parenting website in Southeast Asia. It is targeted at urban parents and parents-to-be who live in Asia or are of Asian heritage, and speaks to every stage and priority of an Asian mum's journey – from pre-conception to pregnancy, to breastfeeding, and even how to raise smart, strong and kind children.

Your mother may have chided you for supposedly putting your health at risk by not drying your hair before bed – but was she right, or only susceptible to old wives’ tales?


From Kim Kardashian to ‘momager’ Kris Jenner, the Kardashians are known for their dedication to their looks – but Kylie recently questioned the clan’s influence on young girls’ perception of beauty

Looking for the best place to enjoy yum cha in Singapore? Fret not, we’ve got you covered with a myriad of options, from traditional teahouse Red Star to Michelin-recognised Crystal Jade

With sperm counts falling, men need to safeguard their fertility if they plan on having a family. Lifestyle changes help, from the right diet and underwear to cycling and drinking less.

The pros and cons of a Brazilian wax, from issues of hygiene and infections to sweating, and some dos and don’ts if you decide to go ahead and remove your pubic hair.

Singapore-based influencer and real-life Crazy Rich Asian socialite Jamie Chua shows off her luxury collection of Hermès bags – which are made of everything from calfskin to crocodile hide.


A new US study suggests that, despite popular belief, wearing a school uniform negatively impacts a student’s sense of belonging and takes away their sense of individuality.

Dine-in or order sumptuous takeaways of auspicious festive treats like poon choi, nian gao, abalone or yusheng, with menus ranging from the traditional to fusion to even vegetarian

The Gen Z and millennial kids of the Lion City’s socialite set are already making waves: Mae Tan starred on reality TV show Singapore Social while Evan Kwee is vice-chairman at Capella Hotel Group

Cosmetics contain all kinds of chemicals, some of which can reduce women’s fertility, which is why it’s so important to check make-up ingredients.

Indulge in eggs Benedict at Baker & Cook or The Book Cafe, go healthy with vegan and vegetarian fare at Carrotsticks & Cravings Cafe, or bring the whole family to Bee’s Knees at The Garage …

Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding and wife Liv Lo, Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma, and other stars can’t wait for what 2021 will bring – as their oh-so-cute Instagram posts of baby bumps and onesies show

Bubble tea is a global trend, and many in coronavirus lockdown are missing their favourite drink. Fear not, this guide will soon have you brewing up your own delicious bubble tea at home.

The coronavirus pandemic has children out of school and parents working from home. Here are some tips to help you make the most of a difficult situation and keep your sanity while still being productive.

The Instagram post showed Kelly Poon’s diamond wedding ring as she announced her marriage to Taiwanese hit producer Roger Yo. She had previously kept their relationship secret.

In South Korean broadcaster MBC’s documentary Meeting You, mother Jang Ji-sung reunited with her daughter Nayeon thanks to virtual reality. Nayeon passed away at the age of seven in the autumn of 2017.


This year’s upcoming emoji to be added to smartphones will reflect changing gender-specific roles in society with gender-neutral people in tuxedos and veils, and transgender icons. And finally there’s bubble tea.

Some celebrity babies born this year already have more Instagram followers than you. From Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby to chef Gordon Ramsay’s fifth and a bevy of Asian stars giving birth, these are some of 2019’s famous kids.

Data from Facebook suggests 2020 will be the year parents pay more attention to self-care, get more hands-on with education, and move away from the Instamum culture. Audiobooks are in, as an alternative to screen time for kids.

Gifting your friends or loved ones an experience, such as a holiday, counts for more than any material present, research shows. Here’s why you should hit the beach or a theme park together.

From sex to new habits to working out, here are 10 possible clues your man is cheating on you. ‘Other woman’ Clare, conned into a relationship with a married man, opens up on infidelity.

Children whose mothers are authoritarian are more likely to have problems with alcohol abuse later in life. Strict fathers, however, do not have the same negative effect on their offspring, according to a recent study.

From getting all the right gear in place to positioning your baby correctly, here’s what you need to know about something that seems scary at first. Once you’ve done it a few times, it’ll become like second nature.

Pregnancy can wreak havoc on your taste buds, but scientists still aren’t sure what makes you desire cheese toasties at midnight. Nutritionists think it’s because the body is lacking in something; scientists blame hormones.