Clara Chow

From modular outdoor furniture to lamps and incense burners, Design China Beijing exhibitors say they no longer feel a need to appropriate other cultures, and benefit from rising interest in cultural heritage in China.

Fifth edition of two-yearly exhibition features more than 60 artists from 19 countries in East and South Asia, but some observers says it should cast its net wider to foster artistic dialogue between regions

Trio’s co-creator Phil Stanton says they have come a long way since their start as street performers in the 1980s, with awards under their belts, productions across America and a current world tour


With the second largest concentration of billionaires in the world, China is an obvious target for companies in a regional market for private air travel that's estimated to be growing by US$3 billion a year

95-year-old Ho Weng Toh, one of the few surviving members of the famed wartime air squadron, tells how he fled Hong Kong after the Japanese invasion, survived 18 bombing missions over China and is now writing his memoirs.

The much-loved Hollywood musical has been reimagined as a stage show - and the global tour arrives in Hong Kong later this month

Of all the clients that software developer Erwan Mace has worked with, the toughest customer might just be his own daughter.

An independent arts festival in Singapore is pairing up artists from different genres this week, creating strange bedfellows and reaping new multidisciplinary works.

Singaporean artist Frayn Yong's recent work can fit into a few plastic containers, no bigger than a standard document box. It's not that he's a laggard. It's because his works - painstakingly fashioned out of pencil lead - are small and delicate.

Midway through the interview with Marc Quinn, this writer commits a faux pas. "Are you wearing a Damien Hirst T-shirt?" I ask, pointing at his lime-green top with a circular print of swirling colours, reminiscent of Hirst's splatter paintings.

With new art museums, galeries, biennales, fairs, prizes and auction houses mushrooming at an accelerated rate across the region during the past few years, Asia is now a force to be reckoned with on the international art scene.